Sunday, January 31, 2010

He most likely to believe in "sex" blessings Lies

He probably thinks you have half a sexologist. Unfortunately, the fact may not be like this, some self-righteous he might have a wrong understanding of issues.

In his mistakes, we identified the six most likely to believe his lies.

1, in the following three kinds of situations that he can not make you pregnant, if you:

1. Was menstruation.

2. His penis out before ejaculation.

3. He wore a condom.

Truth: This is the concept of three kinds of errors is likely to lead to hundreds of thousands of unintended pregnancies each year, it should be carefully listened to.

1. Pregnant women in the menstrual period, though impossible, but we can not rule out the possibility - of your menstrual period is shorter than the others, and his sperm into your body once may survive for several days, so you are pregnant.

2. Experts say, there are some semen, called an erection before the semen, they will erect into the vagina before, those full of the same semen sperm. In addition, he intends to come out in time does not mean that in the forthcoming ejaculation time he can do, even though he had been successful several times in the past, "retreat" of the. According to the study results show that within a year of couples trying to coitus interruptus, nearly 1 / 5 of his wife is still pregnant.

3. Experts say the proper use of condoms, the state is good it will play a role in contraception. In fact, every year, for every 100 pairs of couples rely on condoms is still there will be 4 to 10 wife is pregnant.

How to do: Do not have chances for contraception, you should be cautious attitude to contraception, choice of a higher success rate of contraceptive methods, such as oral contraceptives, or let him wear a tight some of condoms. If he feels bad, you should seriously consider how to deal with a little life to come.

Second, his sex life is far from a rich single partner.

Truth: People think that would be every night Shengge bachelor has a rich and colorful nightlife. In fact, this is only his imagination. In fact, according to a recent survey, the sweetest sex life than married men. Survey shows that most married men have 2 or 3 times a week sex life, every month, there are several sweet time; while the situation of single men will not be so optimistic, they are only a few and not the law of sex life.

How to do: For single men, no longer need to fear getting married! Because the fact is, marriage is not a good sex life and the end!

3, each sex and too less than 20 minutes without due respect.

Truth: We habitually think that if a man can not continue for long periods, he was somewhat less macho, or the woman he would not be met. Indeed, while explanations abound, but most of the findings of the report shows that men have sex an average time was 10 to 20 minutes, while more than 30 minutes is almost impossible. In fact, many women may not be the climax through sex, so experts suggest that men "need to use other techniques to complete your sex life."

How to do: Increase your sex life of the program, telling him, in addition to "enter", the love you both before and after sex can fully enjoy sexual pleasure.

In addition, if you want to increase their sexual pleasure and asked him to try to reach high tide is about to take a deep breath, slow down their movements so that they are quiet.

Fourth, if you did not get orgasm during sex, then he certainly has done anything wrong.

Truth: Men want as much as possible to give a woman happy, this is not only out of love for you, but also to preserve his self-esteem needs. However, from the Florida medical director Daniel Sitanboshi pointed out that only 30% of women orgasm during intercourse won (but that does not mean that the other 70% of women do not enjoy the fun of sex).

How to do: According to Sitanboshi view, if a man in love, while their hands to stimulate you, or to use women to men under the posture, you can better control the pressure, and thus more accessible to the climax. If you do not have access to the climax, which means that he can take a more direct way to stimulate you.

Of course, men want to show some more brave, we must conduct in-depth communication with you, so that he will be able to make love, when a timely response to your signals. Moreover, the more you know him, the more confidence in him, and also more and more relaxed, so as to more easily access to sexual climax.

Sometimes, however, he has tried its best, you still can not fulfill its wish to be the climax, which does not mean that his sexual performance problems, because nearly 50% of women can not get orgasm clitoris stimulation.

  5, wear a condom is the harassment of him from the full protection of sexually transmitted diseases.

Truth: "Condoms can substantially reduce your likelihood of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases." United States Marilyn University School of Medicine of therapist Michael Paul Roth said, "but the condom is not a panacea, either contraception or prevent them from being sexually transmitted infection. "So, while good quality condom use was also appropriate, there are still men, or infection may be transmitted through genital contact with a number of non-transmitted diseases, like herpes.

How to do: Since the condom is not a panacea, it is necessary to tell him, "romantic night" idea is totally unacceptable there.

6, at sporting events or important that night before the negotiations are not sex life, helping him to keep plenty of energy.

Truth: an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, "male sexual health" Richard Spark, author of the book pointed out that "this lie from the Bible records, ancient times, warriors refused to fight the next day before the sex life because they believe it will draw their energy. This concept continues today, as men a little bit superstitious, they always feel that there is what can take away his good fortune. "

However, the McGill University researchers found that sex life of the man's energy, endurance, or the ultimate success is not directly affected. Therefore, a competition, a negotiations are not enough to disturb the law of your sex life.

How to do: If the sex life has indeed weakened his performance, it is because he believe in his sex life and will draw energy. Any negative beliefs are likely to be his self-predicted, then helped him to relax it, and his playing point game to ensure he had enough sleep.

If he has the excellent performance the next day, well, tell him that this is his strength of mind.

To determine whether you have more than six down, and it is impossible to print out, show it to see your husband or boyfriend, and told him to learn the truth this is the sex. Worry, are the recommendations of the expert level and will not Huyou you!

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