Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This 10 sleeping habits of the most pernicious to health

Different people have different sleeping habits, however, the sleeping habits of our daily lives often force us to the brink of danger.
  1, before going to bed angry

Before going to bed angry, angry people will make rapid heartbeat, Hu rapid absorption, a myriad of thoughts it difficult to sleep.

  2, bedtime meal

Overeat before going to bed, gastrointestinal have to speed up digestion, stomach full of food will continue to stimulate the brain. Brain excitement, people will not sleep safely, as the Chinese say, "no stomach and, while lying anxiety."

  3, bedtime tea

Tea contains caffeine and other substances that stimulate the central nervous system and stimulating, if bedtime tea, especially tea, central nervous system will be more excited, people easily fall asleep.

  4, strenuous exercise

Bedtime violent activities, make the brain that controls muscle activity of nerve cells showed a very strong excited state of such excitement in a short time will not calm down, people can not quickly fall asleep. So, before going to bed should keep the body calm, but it might make some minor activities, such as walking and so on.

  5, the pillow is too high

From the physiological point of view, the pillow at 8 ~ 12 cm is appropriate. Low, easily lead to "stiff neck", or because the blood into the brain too much, resulting in mind the next day made up, eyelid edema; too high and will affect the smooth flow of Tao Hu suction, easy to play Hu chatter, and the long-term high pillow, easily lead to neck Department of discomfort or hump.

  6, started sleeping pillow

Hands on the head when sleeping under the pillow, in addition to affect the blood circulation, causing numbness in upper limb pain, but also easy to make intra-abdominal pressure increases the passage of time will lead to "reflux esophagitis." So, when you should not sleep with his hands as a pillow.

  7, quilt hooded

To be masked easily cause Hu suction difficulties; the same time, inhalation of carbon dioxide out of their Hu, physical health is extremely detrimental. Infants and young children even more inappropriate for such, otherwise there is danger of suffocation.

  8, open mouth breathing

Closed nights lying is the best way to maintain their strength, while the suction mouth Hu will not only inhale the dust, but also easy to make the trachea, lungs, and ribs were cold stimulation. Hu is best to use the nose suction, nose hair can stop some of the dust, nasal inhalation of cold air can be heated up healthy.

  9, facing the wind to sleep

Sleep when reduced ability to adapt to environmental changes, easy cold sick. The ancients believed that the wind is riddled with long, good deeds and several transition; good tune photo who, although very hot weather winds and improper disclosure under the Health and lying. Therefore, to avoid the draft should be a place to sleep, the bed away from windows, doors have a certain distance is appropriate.

  10, sitting, sleeping

Some people have enough to eat a ride to the sofa, turn on the TV steep tea pot enough comfortable. May work too tired to fall asleep watching TV, making it the second largest hidden there! Because it would sit sleeping heart rate, blood vessels expand, blood flow to various organs also reduced. Coupled with the stomach needs to digest the blood supply, thereby increasing cerebral hypoxia, resulting in dizziness, ringing in the ears appear. Some people say that at noon break for a while, who brought a quilt to the units ah, have to find a place to stay for a. Shier is the province, and may be the body but it will lodge a protest

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