Friday, January 22, 2010

The five most effective weight loss methods lazy

Many people not only want to lose weight do not want to exercise, but these people still out there, want to persuade them to love sports is a very difficult task, but unfortunately, we have many ways to lose weight only from the search out of several used for lazy , and relatively healthy way. The final point is that I lose weight, require long-term efforts, a balanced diet and hyperactivity are the most basic principles. To reduce weight, keeping healthy is our unremitting goal.

 1, NFAM France

Specific methods: More than three in the afternoon do not eat anything the rest of this health claim ancient times, people live one-third of hunger and cold, from the Chinese point of view, a certain degree of hunger and cold can increase the immune system, you can consume the body to store fat.

Tips: In order to meet the body's physical needs, pay attention to nutrition with brunch. If you do not stand up, you can drink plenty of water, or eat an apple.

Notes: This method is not suitable for people under the age of 22, regardless of hunger a few days, will affect their physical development, especially the family of the most taboo of students.

 2, do not eat staple food of France

Specific methods: Three meals a day, do not eat rice, bread or cake-like, you can eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables.

This approach has been all the rage in Europe and America, but is also very effective in a short time, many people rely on meat and fish, a lot of protein foods to lose weight quickly, thus triggering the long-standing academic nutrition, eating carbohydrates of the debate about whether the dispute is still no clear conclusions. Although this method to lose weight fast, but many were cut after the rebound phenomenon is that, once restored soon after eating carbohydrates before the resumption of weight, perhaps it should not be able to prove that long-term use.

Tips: Baicao this method had some improvement, do not eat refined flour, refined white rice, but they can eat whole grains such as corn pancake, brown rice, small rice, etc. In this way, solve the refined flour, refined white rice easily lead to blood sugar, easy in the body the characteristics of excess heat generated, but also appropriate to add a carbohydrate.

Notes: This method is most suitable for over 20 years of age entering the worker, this time the body tends to fullness, just go to work usually the time of learning, mental consumption will increase relatively, so the body will need to add the appropriate nutrients, eat more leafy green tie yoga and other aerobic exercise helps body sculpting body conditioning to avoid possible future obesity.

3. Another on behalf of the meal France

Specific methods: Buy the popularity of whole grains powder, brewer's yeast powder, protein powder instead of staple foods, vegetables and fruits with light, this method can in fact similar to the approach above, but because ready-made another on a variety of finished products, and the resolution of the busy The problem for people today.

Principle: Basically another on low-calorie food, and some are rich in crude fiber and various vitamins, and some are rich in vegetable protein, eaten produce satiety, natural food appetite will reduce and absorb the heat again , therefore, I will achieve weight loss results.

Cereal grain flour Youyi come from Japan and South Korea popular raw food powder crush liking more popular, because it contains not only grains but also vegetables, fungi and even algae, nutrition is more comprehensive and reputation have made better food Wo good God, South Korea produced Yile.

Digestion of protein in the human body when consumed energy, these energy from body fat to supply, while the protein itself, because the heat is low, the body less than the energy required daily activities, this part of the energy part but also by the lack of body fat to supply, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing fat. It is for this reason, many brands of soy protein weight-loss products are the main choice of raw materials, such as Herbalife soy protein powder, protein powder, etc. Shuo-Sen.

Notes: This method is suitable for a broader age group, especially in post-natal weight loss of people, you can also choose to use such products to replace part of the staple food, these proteins can add just the body's needs.

4, Chitosan weight loss methods

Specific methods: Before meals eaten not fresh chitosan as the main component of the various capsules.

Principle: Chitosan is a product of deacetylation of chitin, is a rare natural alkaline cationic polysaccharide. In animal experiments, in vitro experiments and human experiments show that chitosan has a very good combination of the role of fat that can inhibit fat absorption and to promote the fat body.

Notes: This method is particularly applicable to the mouth not control the crowd, or the more entertaining the crowd. But there is quite a mixed bag of chitosan products, in particular, easy for consumers to misunderstand is that chitin, chitin is extracted directly from the animal shell out large molecular weight, solubility is poor, the small range of applications, while the chitosan is chitosan after the re-chemically treated to change its chemical properties, its absorption of fat to be confirmed. Therefore, when choosing products must pay special attention to this point, can not only cheaper, Japan's relatively advanced research in this area. Now in order to better achieve the purpose of weight loss, as well as the chitosan plus amylase inhibitor composition made of capsules, for those unable to control the appetite of the people a choice. Example, the beauty of Spring Green is this type of capsule products.

  5, before eating soup weight loss methods

  This method is the best practice in Guangdong, the Guangdong people like a bowl of soup before meals, so rarely seen in particular in Guangdong to fat people.

What it basically is that water stays saturated the stomach, they naturally do not eat rice into a. But the caution here that, Tom can not be too greasy, or the effect of not only fail to lose weight, but also fattening it

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