Friday, January 22, 2010

You are absolutely not noticed the performance of five surprising aging

Aging is the great enemy of mankind, every people do not want their aging, in addition to more and more wrinkles, a lot we do not pay attention to aging performance, here are some you have noticed?

Hair - more and more sparse
When you read these statistics, it will make you heart rate: 50% post-menopausal women has emerged sparse hair shedding problems. In the 50 years of age, the same proportion of men and women are subjected to thinning hair troubles. Reason is also related to the secretion of estrogen, estrogen has been seen as the umbrella of hair growth.

Under normal circumstances, each person will shed some hair each day. However, if found to thinning hair thinning, and has retired after a hair line or thinning of hair falling more and more places, which means you should pay attention to this problem.

Therapeutic Recommendation: sesame, walnut, jujube and other Bunao kidney food.

Intestine - constipation
You did not expect? The coiled up to 5 ~ 6 meters guy turned out to be the best place to start your aging? Indeed, because the intestine is an important body of digestion and absorption systems, absorption of nutrients from here, toxins, waste discharges from here. Medical experts point out that 90% of human intestinal diseases and unclean related to one days is not equivalent to smoking three packs of cigarettes a bowel movement.

Intestinal aging brings the most immediate problem is constipation, intestinal the highest accumulation of about 6.5 kg of Supian, a large number of Supian blockage in the intestines, allowing toxins, garbage can not be discharged in time and even intestinal tract as a "nutritional" re-absorption, thus leading to dull skin, spot pox ridden, bad breath smoked, not only for that, because of abdominal accumulation of too much oil, small "waist" fine upgrade directly into a small "belly" po.

Therapeutic Recommendation: sweet potato, cereals and other foods rich in dietary fiber.

Spine - kyphosis
After 45 years of age, the spine, lumbar spine began to regress. The S-shaped women, eager to build, is not that your spine is to become S-type. Spinal scoliosis appeared, it will bring many diseases. Comparison between men and women occurred spine three times the crowd of men, women are particularly vulnerable spine, gently moving something once a month is likely to result in the need to lie flat on the bed. Spinal disease may also affect the cardio-cerebral vascular diseases and mental health.

Erlang Tui Crisis! Survey found: Long-term Rocker Erlang Tui easily lead to hunched over, resulting in uneven pressure distribution in lumbar and thoracic vertebrae, the long run, is bound to spinal cord compression, but Alice Erlang Tui would interfere with the leg blood circulation, resulting in leg varicose veins.

Therapeutic Recommendation: Appropriate supplement collagen protein and calcium, more sun!

Teeth - rabbit's front teeth!

If you find that the teeth become longer than before, and this is not because they are growing, but because the gums were shrinking, and even part of the root has been exposed. The average length of the front teeth is generally 10 ~ 12 mm, with gingival recession caused by root exposure, this number will grow to 15 ~ 17 mm. The body's gradual loss of elasticity of the skin caused by aging, gums began to relax.

The best protection is to make your gums away from the bacteria against: brush your teeth twice a day to ensure the same time, with the clean-up with dental floss. Bacterial gums caused by gum disease to exacerbate the situation of shrinking, the same will be taken over forcefully brushing the gum tissue, but also try to avoid.

Nose - Pinocchio Effect
The nose is a beautiful time, the nose is the most beautiful time of 20? 45 years. After the age of 45, you get up every morning will find that droop nose, nasal-type changes, bridge of the nose is also a slight subsidence, or even, you can feel the nose is much bigger than before, so after the age of 45, you can not say any lie, ! This is because the nose like other soft tissue (skin, fat and muscle) as atrophy. Over time, growth, bone will atrophy, without the bone support, these soft tissue on the less available to support the base frame.

Although we can not completely prevent shrinkage of the nose and ears, we can follow the advice of experts, more than in peacetime preventive measures: Avoid excessive sunlight, smoking, start using regenerative cells are capable of awakening the skin care products.

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