Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let fat burning seven practical method for double

High-intensity exercise, really allows us to speed up the body get rid of excess fat do? This is not true, only to master the correct exercise means that we can make their effect more efficiently.
  1, split multiple stages

If you do a continuous high-intensity exercise, you will soon be exhausted, but the interval of rest, recovery can help you maintain the strength to live this high level. So, as far as possible sub-exercise, weight loss will be better.

  2, grasp the strength of the rhythm

If the 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise in the strength of master rhythm, then your calorie consumption can be doubled. Namely, high-intensity exercise in the septal to join the gentle recovery time. Movement to adjust the frequency varies, does not mean that a person should exercise to a heart beat rapidly, a large number of sweating, panting, be called good their effect.

  3, do warm-up before exercise

Conducting pre-exercise warm-up process can not be ignored and must be done fully. Do warm-up before exercise, can mobilize the enthusiasm of the body, but also mobilized savings with body fat, so that in the subsequent course of the campaign carried out by full combustion. Any exercise before each warm-up preparations, including yoga, Pilates which we think is more to relieve the fitness projects.

  4, the resistance movement

Walking in the water swimming to increase the body's resistance. This method sounds very easy to do, but will find that after trying to complete the movement, to pay far more than the usual hardships of those fitness, because the human body in the water by the resistance is in the air many times, But it allows the body to consume more calories.

  5, action and accurately place

Course of the campaign can not be careless treated scrupulously the completion of each step can be achieved within a limited time maximize their effect. Range of motion required for the coaches, although I have to do what, it is best to do our best to ensure that each action to achieve the best results it should achieve.

  6, balance the whole body movement

Exercise, should pay attention to upper and lower body in the heat consumption on the balance. So if you do not want to spend more time on fitness, the 45-minute exercise time around is the most appropriate, and select those items you can exercise to the body, such as swimming, dancing, aerobics and other body.

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