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Incoming cold air, which are most susceptible to influenza?

Incoming cold air, which are most susceptible to influenza?(2010-01-28 01:31:37)
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The cold air is blowing from the north, for influenza susceptible population, the strengthening of routine influenza prevention measures is particularly important. So, who are most likely to suffer from flu then?

  The first category, people who accumulate toxic fire

Modern medicine, Influenza is caused by a virus attack, the Chinese believed that the fire accumulate drug is the underlying causes of the spread of influenza. Too many friends of flu or cold have had such an experience, before the onset of influenza, most of them first, there will be a sore throat, gums, swelling and some "fire poison" symptoms, when the body's immunity is often low, it will susceptible to influenza viruses, fever, sneezing, runny nose and other symptoms. If you have recently little "get angry", you should back with drugs, do not let the flu virus you are.

  The second category, those who frequented places crowded with people

Influenza viruses are spread through the air viruses, many people crowded, confined places where air quality and air presence of the virus likely large, at high concentrations, the spread of the virus provides a more convenient conditions. Therefore, during an influenza pandemic should be minimized by plane, train or air-conditioned air-conditioned bus, fewer trips to the central air-conditioned hotel or large shopping malls.

  The third category, people with low immunity  

In general, influenza is the most vulnerable children and the elderly, because these poor people's immunity, in addition, exercise less, work and life pressure, life is not the law and so can make the immune system goes low, a high incidence of influenza season of the main victims.

In autumn and winter is the flu season this year, another influenza pandemic H1N1 influenza, so as little as possible to the people-intensive environment, enclosed places, try to maintain a light diet, eat people "get angry" food.

In addition, taking some effective anti-flu drugs. For example China's anti-flu, cold medicine with Chinese medicine to spend Qingwen capsule, the domestic authorities experiments confirmed that preventive medication against influenza virus will kill the effect.

Lian Hua Qing plague contained in Yinhua, forsythia, Banlangen, Guanzhong and other drugs can Qingwen detoxification, especially heavy fire PLASTER STONE Qing agent, you can clear Xiefei heat, rhubarb cut disease transmission to humans and the internal changes, let the fire toxic discharges from the stool, which is the fundamental basis for eliminating the incidence of influenza.

Recent experiments confirm that the domestic authoritative research institutes, and even spent Qingwen capsule of influenza virus have a clear antagonistic role in the fever, improvement of sore throat, cough, sputum and other flu-like symptoms is superior to Western medicine oseltamivir, viral clearance time with oseltamivir quite. In addition, even the flower Qingwen capsule has also joined the Tibetan resistance to cold, hypoxia tolerance of plant Rhodiola can improve immunity. Lian Hua Qing plague capsules, can be described as flu and cold prevention and treatment of family medicine necessary

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