Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fart is to determine the body is healthy special signal

"Intestinal gas" and everybody whom we called their noses and the "fart", which is excreted through the anus of a human emissions. Healthy digestive tract with 100 ml of gas from the formation of fart excreted volume of 100-2800 ml per day adult men, the floating range of relatively large; This is the food we eat is a relationship, if eating more beans and potato class would have necessitated an increase 2-10 times the amount of fart. Intestine where bacteria break down food residues resulting from nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other emissions primarily are excreted by fart, which is good for the human body, and it is a magic weapon for self-regulating body. In Hunan, there is such a saying "people to laugh at fart, no ambition," rectification of names is also regarded as a fart bar.

Through the fart, able to understand the gastrointestinal situation, which is proved by the medical. No fart is not necessarily a good thing, multi-fart might be a bad thing, raised eyebrow may be trouble.

No fart can not be self-xi

Some people are very proud to think that they never or rarely fart fart. In fact, do not fart fart people than the health of the people Oh!

In addition, many people in order to save face, often hold onto forbearance fart. In particular, some Qianqianjunzi and ladies, in order to lose a decent, preferring to hold back loose and never felt embarrassed that a "gas." The results tolerance while not breaking down the gas out, did not produce ozone, but will accumulate in the large intestine, the intestinal mucosa and blood to gas exchange, and with the blood flow. Toxic gases can not be the easiest way to release out, only to find a way to detox, which not only increase the burden on the body, but also likely to cause chronic poisoning organism, causing bulging stomach, intestines chirping sound, lack of energy, indigestion, dizziness, and even may have peritonitis, intestinal obstruction and other diseases.

Troublemaker cause cancer

Troublemaker of the ammonia and indole are all harmful gases, if the odor can not be excreted in time, will be large intestinal absorption, re-enter the blood flow in the body, affecting the various organs of the body.
If the result of embarrassed to fart in front of others, will be accumulated in the body odor, but also cause abdominal pain, so that the function of digestion and absorption to reduce or even inhibit the excretion of feces. The people in constipation, the large intestine can accumulate more harmful substances, resulting in more emissions, forming a vicious cycle.
If you have been unable to discharge the body of these emissions, the body's organs will be severely affected, especially the liver burden of these detoxification organs, liver function would decline; the liver can be converted to urea, ammonia, and then discharged through the urine In vitro, when the liver function, when weak, if too much ammonia contained in the exhaust in excess of the load on the liver, it may result in people's consciousness is impaired.

The accumulation of intestinal gas, may pressure vessels, resulting in poor circulation, causing hand, foot and cold.
Emissions would result in prejudice to metabolism, making his face acne and freckles, causing dry skin, rough, so cocky, or who the enemy of beauty.

Many people talk about fart discoloration, think farting is a shame that the piece, when you know that if there are fart and hold what would have caused serious consequences, you will change the original idea of the.

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