Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 weeks lean 14 pounds of red wine diet

Method is: before going to sleep drink a small cup of red wine, is a small cup quantities. Coupled with last 1-2 cheese!

As long as the normal three meals to eat within 30 minutes at bedtime, eat cheese or 1-2 pieces 50g cheese, drink a cup 50-100c.c.'s Red wine, 3 weeks may be thin 7 kg. Cheese-containing protein and lipid; red wine, alcoholic, have a heat effect, and will allow an increase. Heat is very low, only 129 cards, but also coupled with diet control, weight loss easier.

A fixed daily intake of calcium can be an effective weight loss

As the cheese components and the ratio closer to breast milk, plus a lactose-free and easily absorbed calcium, and protein generated through the fermentation of short-chain amino acids, can enhance the metabolic rate. Red wine alcohol can help sleep. The sleep slow metabolism, body temperature is low, eat something divisions and drinking wine, can produce heat, and accelerate the metabolism, while sleep while the body can consume in order to achieve weight-loss effect. Starch can not eat a meal before class, otherwise will play a counter-productive. Oak barrel fermentation of red wine to elect into the.

Materials: 1-2 tablets or 50g cheese or red wine, 50-100c.c. To select the lipid, calcium content was high, low sugar / low carbohydrate, and the natural taste of fermented or smoked cheese. Instead choose to process more than there is to add flavor, such as strawberry, lemon, blueberry, etc. cheese.

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