Saturday, January 30, 2010

A cup of tea several times better?

Life, some people like to brew tea repeatedly, until the drink not taste so far; some others brew a tea twice a quick change. Which of these two approaches is correct, a cup of tea brewing times what is better? Nutrient absorption from the point of view, is best for brewing tea bags 1, bulk tea, then do not more than 3 times.

Tea contains a tumor suppressor role of tea polyphenols and tea polysaccharides can lower blood sugar, so that the central nervous excitement caffeine, and a variety of amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients. How many of these nutrients can be precipitated, and the number of brewing a great relationship. In general, the larger the particle shape of tea, precipitation of nutrients more slowly; particles smaller, faster precipitation.

Compared with the bulk tea, tea bags, tea in the processing and manufacturing, through the cut rub, fully destroyed the leaf cells, particle shape is relatively small, tea, the nutrients for the first time after 3-5 minutes of immersion, there will be 80% - 90% precipitation, the second brew later, the remaining 10% of the nutrients are also nearly all of the precipitation. Therefore, Yin Jun Feng suggested that the best bagged tea brewing time, not only in nutrient absorption, no losses, but will not affect the taste and flavor. Bulk tea is relatively large particles, the first time to brew the best a little longer should be about 5 minutes, of which 60% of nutrients -80% precipitation; after the second brew, there will be 80% -90 % of the nutrients in precipitation; third time, after brewing, nutrient leaching rate of more than 95%, and then continue brewing, has no role in the nutrition.

As experts point out that after numerous brewing tea, will make one of the pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances leaching. Yin Jun-feng said that this argument although there must be some truth, but do not be overly concerned about. At present, China pesticides used in tea production are mostly very low solubility in water, 10 grams of tea per person per day basis, even if the brew 1 mg / kg residue in tea intake of pesticides is only 0.0001 mg, the World Health Organization requirement for each intake for several days to allow one-thousandth. Tea in the leaching rate of heavy metal lead is relatively low, as long as the purchase of regular tea manufacturers, and their contents will not exceed the national standard

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