Thursday, January 28, 2010

A good man than the bad man's disadvantage

Not bad man, women do not love. This sentence in reality very accurate. Although many women will deny this and even scoffed. But in fact, "bad" man's ways are indeed higher than man courting a way much more effective.

The bad man's features are: thick-skinned, bold, good at lying, is not subject to ethical constraints, tricks trick more than once in the future have the opportunity to say, irresponsible. These features just hit a woman's weak spots.

Suppose the hardware conditions are similar good men and bad men met the same woman, the bad men out of n times the lethal stronger.

First, the good man's hand is much smaller probability, because a good man began to pursue the question of the responsibility to be considered before, it is not entirely Italian, would not catch, could not recover the current conditions are not ripe, the other side has been her boyfriend can not be chase, and future prospects are not optimistic about (for example: in different cities) can not recover, limiting extremely high. The bad men do not intend to anyway responsible, as long as the other side a little bit pretty, or tentacles available, covers the first catch of the talk.

Second, the good man honest, money does not matter to tell the truth, for the woman's shortcomings candidly say so, so that women are often very disappointing. The bad men, two stories can be prepared easily become our own strength is superior; right woman rhetoric, are also easily allow them elated that the horses found a confidant. In this impetuous social context, a good man in exchange for years of hard work probably not as good as the results of a bad man come out with 3 minutes to compile the story and allow the woman echocardiography.

Third, the good man thought a total respect for each other, do not look for opportunities to take liberties with indecent assault. The bad man by poke fun, alcohol, dancing, etc. at any time to stimulate a woman's hormones, an opportunity to put the other accounts as their own. A woman's pleasure, once mobilized, but will soon fall in love with this man. The effect of the bad men tend to cheat more than a good man to pay several times in silence. Some silly women that men have relations with her is in love with her; more silly women think that once a relationship, she had to fall in love with this man. Implicit in the nature of a woman submissive genes.

Fourth, to pay a good man really put their feelings very seriously, his attitude is easy to imbalance, for some trivial quarrel with his girlfriend. The bad man thought: Anyway, I was just doing a game, looking for points to stimulate fills Honghong she had, raw, what kind of gas-ah? A calm state of mind, but appears to mature a good personality.

Fifth, the bad man's dating experience is usually a lot more than the good man. Reference to the first, the bad man an opportunity to come forth, even if unsuccessful and accumulated experience, and gradually learned about the woman's psychological. Most women are not rational, there are all kinds of inexplicable completely illogical bias (for example: a shoe stain on the men must unreliable). Bad men through a lot of real experience in the dating of these surfaces, when done well, while the good man is completely ignorant of, was Shua has failed to understand why, thought that his strength is not enough.

Sixth, the parties dispute when the good man self-esteem, principled, and will not easily yield to each other, often for some small things who do not compromise, ultimately, break up. The bad men, thick-skinned, to identify a mistake than He Xifan are easy, often easily be able to change their mind each other's Hong De;, of course, it is in the Wanni, when he has not, or even give the woman he can find an excuse for breaking up, there are When a woman but will make concessions and completely become a bad man's plaything.

Seventh, the good man adheres to principles, behave themselves, often seem boring. The bad men bent on the pursuit of stimulation, varied, and often gives a woman with freshness. Unconsciously, the woman was a bad man deluded, brought under control.

Eighth, if the woman recognized that both inappropriate and breaking up of the initiative. Good man can only take honest means, the actual effect is limited; and bad men can do anything and dead wrapped indiscriminate beating, coercion. Woman's inert strong, emotional and changeable, and easy to bow to the powerful, and often could not escape the bad man means

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