Saturday, January 30, 2010

Buy bread, which you have committed an error?

Supermarket food has become increasingly diverse, and purchase food, consumers are increasingly confused. The face of shelves full of goods, dazzles I do not know how to choose. Now let us look at the bread purchase point where it is. Comparison, you have committed those common mistakes?
  Bread: health value of a careful look at

Bread is always very attractive look, classification is also cumbersome. By end-use, can be divided into "staple bread" and "breads and pastries" categories; according to texture, can be divided into "soft bread", "Crispy bread", "spongy bread" and "hard bread" four categories; according to raw materials, can be divided into white bread, whole wheat bread, three types of bread and cereals.

From the heat, the order of the Crispy skin simply the lowest calorie bread because they are not sweet bread, sugar, salt and fat are very few post-baking sheet Picui hard, still hot to eat very tasty. French staples of bread and a Russian "big column buses" fall into this category, broadly similar nutritional value, and buns. Hard bread and soft bread by adding eggs, sugar, milk, oil and other materials, just the addition of water different. Children like the "toast bread", "bread and butter," and most of the color breads and pastries are all soft bread. Soft sweet bread and sugar content of about 15%, fat 10%, toast bread, some more. But since joined the eggs and milk, have higher nutritional value, suitable for baby food.

  Points 1: try to avoid Danish Bread

Is the highest calorie bread spongy bread, also known as "Danish bread." It is characterized by adding 20% to 30% of the butter or "shortening" can form a special layered structure, often made of croissants, raisins flat package, chocolate cake packs. It taste Suxiang soft, very tasty, but because there were too many saturated fats and calories, but may contain very harmful for cardiovascular health, the "trans-fatty acids." This should be as little as possible to buy bread, preferably no more than one week.

Point 2: Learn to distinguish whole-wheat bread

The bread is usually made with white flour, the texture soft and delicate, easily digested and absorbed, dietary fiber were very low. Nutritional knowledge of many rich people are aware, whole-wheat bread, more conducive to good health, because it is rich in fiber, can help clean the intestinal tract of human waste, can also slow down digestion and absorption, beneficial to prevent obesity. Children over 2 years of age can begin to try to eat whole-wheat bread, in order to cultivate love of "thick" good eating habits.

Whole-wheat bread is not removed with the bran and wheat germ out of the whole-wheat flour bread. It is characterized by micro-brown color of the naked eye can see a lot of wheat bran specks, rough texture, but there are fragrance. Because of its high nutritional value than white bread, B vitamin-rich, micro-organisms particularly like it, and so more easily than regular bread, quality health mildew.

Consumers should note that the color brown hair does not necessarily indicate product is whole-wheat bread. Some enterprises in order to give consumers even more love to eat, it will take to do white-flour bread, then add a small amount of caramel color dyed brown, it seems it sounds a bit "dark", but the essence is still white bread. We must notice that a sufficient number of wheat bran fragments can be identified as whole-wheat bread - oh, but taste was really a bit rough.

Remove the whole-wheat bread, the ingredients with a variety of grains bread and cereals such as oat bread, rye bread, soy flour bread, etc., can provide a lot of dietary fiber.

Three main points: buy attention to freshness

Bread shelf-life packaging will be marked: "the second and third quarter (spring) 2-3 days, a fourth quarter (winter) 4-5 days." When you purchase your sure to select fresh bread as much as possible. If the fast time expired to purchase, we must eat right away, do not let bread and mildew in the home had expired. If the store is promotional discounts, but also to open their eyes wide to see if it is near expired!

Need to know a lot of food companies in order to extend the time product sales, often to do some "production date ahead of" a small trick. If you get petty purchased immediately expired bread, home where there are a couple of days can not eat, can let themselves into a dilemma: the throwing of the bar, what a pity; slowly eat also brings insecurity. If placed in the refrigerator, taste will be getting worse

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