Saturday, January 23, 2010

What time taking a bath before going to bed the most health?

Health and the word in the dictionary's explanation is that "can fight disease, healthy", so everything related to the health needs of hygiene. Food hygiene when eating, reading useful for eye health, and sleep are also health standards. Now take a look at your sleep hygiene do?

  Bathed in different roles before and after sleep

Preferably 2 hours before bedtime bath.

Sleep is often coming after a decline in body temperature, hot water bath temperature will rise, to postpone the brain to release a "sleep hormone." If one day only in a bath before going to bed, you can bath with wet towels after the cold forehead, 5 minutes, so that the body temperature dropped to normal levels as soon as possible to fall asleep.

  Wake up wake up after the bath in order to promote

In the sleep quality standards, internationally accepted as an indicator of "Next Morning feeling," If it feels good spirits, even if the sleep time is short, is also considered good quality sleep. Early morning, after a slightly lower temperature of the bath allows us to keep up your spirits, improve nighttime sleep satisfaction.

  Some foods stolen sleep alert

● sumptuous dinner. High-fat foods, will extend the time of its digestion in the stomach, leading to Enron can not sleep at night. Dinner will eat less, light point, the best choice, but contains a number of low-fat protein foods such as fish, chicken or lean meat.

● caffeinated beverages or food. Caffeine will stimulate the nervous system, to enable rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure. Some of the caffeine-sensitive, even a cup of hot cocoa in the afternoon, but also enough to make us sleepless at midnight. In addition, the diuretic effects of caffeine also make you frequently Qiye affect sleep quality.

● wine. A drink before going to bed, you may wake up in the morning 23, then could no longer sleep. Alcohol does have a certain initial sedative effect, but after a few hours after sedation will gradually disappear, the opposite excitatory effect began to emerge. In addition, the power dissipated in the calm at the same time will also have to stimulate that people wake up early. Research indicates that some drinking habits of people spend a lot of time in bed, but the poor quality of sleep.

● gas production of food. This kind of food so that stomach fullness of the gas inside, feeling uncomfortable, I can not sleep. So, dinner to eat gas-producing foods include: beans, onions, potatoes, corn, bananas, citrus fruits, add the sorbitol of drinks.

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