Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drinking red wine can help smokers prevent lung cancer

small amount of red wine a day to drink lots of advantages, but recent studies have found that drinking red wine can reduce people's risk of lung cancer.

U.S. researchers analyzed more than 70000 middle-aged men of the data, four-year period, 210 people have been diagnosed with lung cancer. The study found that drinking beer, white wine or alcoholic beverages and the incidence of lung cancer has nothing to do, but with these people to increase consumption of red wine, a gradual reduction in risk of lung cancer, a glass of wine for each additional one-month decline of about 2% of the corresponding risk disease risk.

This male smokers, is probably considered good news, drink a glass of red wine a day may reduce the risk of lung cancer risk 60% (compared to those of male smokers who do not drink red wine).

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