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Men's Health: before going to bed, "three Gizo bogey"

Men's Health: before going to bed, "three Gizo bogey"(2008-09-24 09:59:21)
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Sleep is a great source of health. How can men sleep well? First, we must cultivate a good time to fall asleep and wake up habits, follow-phase alternating sleep and wake objective laws. In this way, will be able to stabilize sleep, cortical cells to avoid fatigue. A strict system for the rest such as sleep and awakening for the significance of physiological processes is great. Strictly abide by the rest of time will enable us to sleep and awakening process - there might even be a conditioned reflex, as did - to be more natural, for even more profound.

In addition, intense mental work before going to bed will not avoid strenuous exercise or manual work. Instead, should be a walk in the outdoors to minimize the subjective stimulus. Character, easy-to-excited men, before going to bed is not suitable for an exciting speech, inappropriate touching to see the books, not watch people a long time can not forget the movies or theater. Dinner not too late and should not overeat. The light should eat easily digestible foods, pay attention to eat vegetables and a certain proportion of cereals to maintain smooth stool. Seasoning should not use too heavy. Night, not smoking, not drinking tea or coffee and other irritating beverages, do not drink too much juice drinks or stream. Tobacco, tea and coffee will stimulate the brain, the brain is not easy to enter inhibitory state. Beverage Service and the flow of juice, too much will lead to urinary frequency, is not conducive to sleep again. As we all know, before going to bed brush your teeth, wash your face is necessary. But also to cultivate the habit of feet with warm water, which can promote blood circulation and lower limbs is conducive to sleep soon. Conditions, you can brush with warm water or hot water bath. Bedtime to remove their jackets, underwear to be washed a timely manner, able to do so, you can wear loose clothes, blankets to keep clean, and often drying to keep dry and kill the bacteria.
Men's bedtime, "three Gizo bogey," a man's life, there are more than one-third of time is spent in sleep. Normal and good sleep, physiological functions can be adjusted to maintain the nervous system balance, which is an important part of life. Sleep disturbance, lack of will man the next day confused and general weakness. Thus, sleep and health, the relationship between work and study very closely. To get a good night sleep, pay attention to before going to bed three Gizo bogey is very important.

3 should be:

First, a walk before going to bed.

2, foot bath before going to bed, "before bed, hot foot, win by taking sleeping pills." Feet with warm water 15-20 minutes before bedtime, so that foot vasodilation, promote blood circulation, make people more susceptible to sleep Township.

3, brush your teeth before going to bed.

"Three bogey" is:

A bogey eat three square meals, dinner can be fed into a 78. Do not eat anything before going to bed, so as not to increase the gastrointestinal burden.

2 avoidance of excessive entertainment. Bedtime should not look at the intense scenes of TV drama and game, do not talk about sad or frightening nostalgia thing.

3 bogey drink tea and coffee. So as to avoid frequent urination and mental excitement affects sleep.

In addition, pay attention to the night environment is comfortable and clean bedrooms, air circulation, to healthy

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