Saturday, January 23, 2010

7-13 minutes is a long time love of gold

The most perfect sex duration, how long? The United States, Pennsylvania Rand Institute researchers compared the answers given are :7-13 minutes.

Fox News reports, this is the first time for sex long large-scale study carried out. Researchers in the United States and Australia were randomly surveyed thousands of people and found that the substantive Love (from the genitals came into contact with the date) in the 7-13 minutes to the most appropriate. Most respondents, especially men, said the substantive love more than 13 minutes, a tired feeling will increase, and more difficult to recuperate; while less than 7 minutes, there will be boundless feeling.

Allegedly, this study is to many people understand that "perfect sex more for longer something to be a long time" argument is nonsense. Eric Coulter who led the study explains that some people are unrealistic about sex is always a "hypothetical." "For example, men have a stout in relation to the penis, an erection must be strong, have worked tirelessly all night tangled up, it is obvious that people's wishful thinking, the 'pipe dream', but a lot of people trying to shift the taken for granted, or even out as a measure of sexual sustainability criteria. "thus the result is no problem with people who have begun to worry about their own sexual performance over time might give rise to a series of sexual dysfunction.

Men deliberately delay, its original purpose is no more than hope that women can be more long-lasting pleasure, and to ensure that she can achieve a wonderful high ground. In fact, men should be aware that women want to meet a lot of ways, add, change, enrich the content of foreplay, love the substantive ago, her appetite for high-hanging, which the mechanical movement than the monotonous and more effective.

In addition, men should be more understanding of your partner's sensitive areas of the body, give gentle, appropriate incentives, which also better able to arouse the desire of women to make her play a more sexual initiative. Women themselves should be more and partner communication, the exchange of the problems in sexual life, so that the other side understand that time is not an important factor in determine the quality of sex.

Sex life is two things, only if both parties really care about and listen to each other's needs, it is only a qualitative change

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