Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Studies have shown that bad behavior may be genetically related

U.S. researchers say there are three genes may help explain why some communities or incomplete growth of the family in the confusion of young men to become perpetrators of violence, while others would not be so.

According to Reuters, University of North Carolina study shows that a gene called MAOA may affect anti-social behavior, and its existence are quite common. The researchers said that the possession of a MAOA gene called 2R variations tend to occur crime and delinquency.

The team of approximately 20000 7 grade to 12th grade boys in this study. They pay regular visits to these people, and collected a number of blood samples. They found that three kinds of genes (MAOA, DAT1 and DRD2) in certain types of mutations associated with bad behavior, but only when these boys hit the family, social and academic problems such as stress, bad behavior to appear.

The researchers found that, as a young man unable to share meals with their families regularly, then the DRD2 gene variant will inspire some sort of bad behavior of his appearance. However, if people can have the same genes and parents often dine together, then the risk is gone. And their families to dine together on behalf of parental involvement, indicating that parenting is very important.

The researchers said: "This is the gene associated with bad behavior, one of the first scientific research, not only expanded our understanding of law and violence, but also highlights the social background and taking into account the need for genetic causes."

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