Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Easy drunk alcohol in the 10 Miu

Years ago, a party next to a party, especially when many business people it is inevitable at the end of entertainment. You really do not want to drink now have to bite the bullet and drink a few glasses, how can you not drink it? Let the Ministry of Health senior nutritionist WANG Xiao-chun teach you the recipe.

Nutritionists teach you 10 coup

1, drinking a glass of milk before drinking, or eating a few slices of bread, do not drink empty stomach, so as not to stimulate the gastric mucosa;

2, it is estimated drinking for a long time ahead of taking up Vb family entertainment have become rare, in order to protect the liver. Can also be conscious eating Vb-rich family of animal liver, pork, beef, mutton, egg yolk, vegetables, oats and other coarse grains, in order to enhance the body Vb ethnic content;

3, Baijiu, we should drink boiled water, to facilitate the alcohol as soon as possible with urine excreted; drinking beer, should wash the toilet; drinking spirits is best on the rocks;

4, alcohol should not be too fast and too, it should be drunk slowly, let the body time to break down the body of ethanol. The number of wine on the table Fajiu easy to drink cup or a stuffy;

5, drinking and eating liver when animals, such as the liver, to enhance the body's detoxification capacity of ethanol;

6, drink eat green leafy vegetables, including anti-oxidants and vitamins can protect the liver;

7, drink eat soy products and lecithin in which the role of the protection of the liver;

8, fatigue temporarily do not drink is appropriate;

9, after the medication should not drink alcohol, especially in the clothes off sleeping pills, depressants, cold medicine, after;

10, drinking alcohol Do not drink carbonated beverages, such as cola, soft drinks and so on, so as not to accelerate the speed of the body to absorb alcohol.

Dealcoholic Mistakes

1, tea hangover

A popular drink tea hangover is not to say what the scientific basis, the polyphenols in tea have a certain role in protecting liver, but the tea in the theophylline can vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure, but will exacerbate headaches, so drunk After you can drink weak tea, it is best not to drink tea.

2, drink bath

After drinking a hot shower can speed up blood circulation, prompting an increase in body energy consumption, easy to cause low blood sugar. High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease easy to drink and bathe a stroke are advised to take a break.

Dealcoholic tricks

1, eat fruit

If someone they usually drink too much, you can later eat fruit or drink some juice, because fruit and fruit juice in the acidic components can be in and alcohol.

2, eat bread

Drink a lot of people do not eat, so that even more harmful and should eat easily digestible starchy foods such as bread or noodles. Bread can be converted into glucose is beneficial for the human body and increase blood supply to the physical, because it has the fermentation process, but also have the right and the role of gastric acid, the body immediately after eating comfortable doing so

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