Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Studies have shown that happiness depends on a person's genetic

University of Edinburgh and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, a psychologist found that the decision whether a person is happy personality traits, but personality also depends largely on genetic factors as well as his living environment.

The researchers used five-factor model (Five-Factor Model) studied the personality characteristics of 990 pairs of twins, from the available data to see, but the sub-concerns, or the like communication, down to earth people who work, are prone to a happy mood, they are in the article lists some common decision "Happy-type" personality genes.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh, said: "Although whether a person is happy by many factors, but we found that genetic to a greater extent, will determine whether we happy, because it is the personality characteristics of the genetic base."

Although the gene can not fully determine whether we happy, but they decided the character, make people have a happy "emotional reserve." When something unpleasant happened in the pressure of the larger case, we can call the usual emotional reserve of happiness.

Genetic factors are emotional, emotional effects, is indeed great, but can not be ignored is that the difference between people is great, but the impact of external factors on emotional factors would account for about 50% of all around, such as social relationships , health status, occupation. U.S. professor at the University of Illinois in the study found that: a happy person, always have a lot of excellent relations between friends

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