Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why do people live longer orgasm

British study shows that there are two orgasms a week people likely to die less than once a month, half the people.

The general life of the modern urbanite pressure, lack of sexual desire, even in a lot of couples in the emergence of the "asexual marriage" status, a phenomenon that has aroused the concerns of relevant experts. Recently, the World Health Organization's initiative, from different countries of digital sexologists organized a series of thematic discussions, and published an article pointed out: a healthy sex life can promote, including reproduction, including the three aspects of physical and psychological health. "Once or twice a week, the health of sex, let the number of human immune globulin increased by 30%, people from disease."

The promotion of male and female reproductive health, sexual life

Genitals with the other body organs, like the absence of the regularity of use, then it will gradually degraded. British Drug Research Center expert John pointed out that the sex of the human body the most direct benefit is the ability to promote the health of male and female reproductive system.

Statistics show that more than 75% of men over the age of 50, there will be varying degrees of symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy, and some may even develop into prostate cancer. The regular sex will promote the secretion of testosterone to maintain prostate health, while allowing men to maintain a healthy level of sexual desire.

Sex life is also conducive to women's reproductive health. The study found that sex life, women higher levels of vaginal lubrication, for maintaining its acid-base balance, enhance vaginal immunity against infectious diseases has been promoting.

Sex life and the promotion of physical health

The experts suggested that sex is but the happiest of mankind's oldest sport, its role in our physical health is enormous.

British study shows that there are two orgasms a week people likely to die less than once a month, half the people. Sexology, Dr. Terri Zeke Lang repair in her monograph on "sex and love magic," a book that long survey shows that a happy sex life than those single and divorced for longer life. Because in the process of sex, the body secretes DHEA (a male and female sex hormone precursor) to promote sexual excitement, is precisely that it can help balance the immune system, improve the digestive system, promote bone growth, maintain the normal repair tissue, so that aging of the human body is not easy.

Sex expert Dr. Shi Mifu said that sex keeps the human cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. Because the sexual process, the person's heart rate and blood pressure have increased in systemic blood circulation to speed up, breathing becomes deeper, blood oxygen content increases. When carrying a lot of fresh oxygen in the blood reach the body cells, organs and tissues when the body would seem to be the same as the fresh air filtering, so that the human cardiovascular aging, fatigue, illness or even harmful substances will be cleared. In addition, sex also helps to reduce the body's cholesterol levels, and to promote positive transformation of the bad cholesterol.

Almost all experts agree that the role of sex hormones in the magic, the body's sense of pain will become dull. Sex is like a powerful natural painkillers, the elimination of arthritis and headaches and other symptoms is particularly evident. John conducted a study shows that during orgasm, women are uterine contraction, the uterus is a good exercise and relaxation, to achieve the purpose of ease menstrual pain.

Sexology experts also confirmed that sex can be thin people to lose weight. A warm kiss will burn 12 calories, and 10 minutes of foreplay can burn 50 calories, that is, the slow movement the most sex, 1 hour you can burn 150 calories

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