Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Be able to do four things the early morning health and longevity

The first thing: take a deep breath

Woke up the morning after the busy getting up, lying still after 5 minutes, first the left, right again, finally supine, during which a total of three times lazy stretch waist, so that joint activities in the full stretch. Then, big yawn 3 ~ 5 times, then get up to the quiet and spacious office, Hing Wah Street West cantilevers 10 feet deep breathing continuous movement, and then laugh once (with a total of 4 minutes or so).

Results of two things:眺square

Standing, two head-first east overlooking; and then turn a blind eye and a half bow, turned again south overlooking; then turn a blind eye to half-bow, he turned to the west overlooking; Finally, the half-turn a blind eye to bow their heads northward sub - overlooking (also used a total of 4 minutes or so).

No. 3 things: drink a glass of water

Modern medicine shows that fasting early morning drinking is indeed a great advantage. Practice has proved that: People After a night of sleep, early morning, the body's digestive system, respiratory and other systems in the various organs is still in the excited state is suppressed, popular This is to say, that is, an organ not fully awake, this time, drink a glass of water (about 300 ~ 400 ml), it can allow organs slowly awake. According to Western theories, drink plenty of water can promote the blood through the bad; according to TCM theory, drink plenty of water can be cleaned up the stomach, relax bowel.

The third thing: net stool

As far as possible the daily morning bowel movement once a habit. Stool, it is best memories of the happiest few days ago, the most pleasant thing, or think of today and the next best thing. Mental and emotional changes that contribute to bowel movements can make stool smooth, remove completely (usually with 3 to 5 minutes).

Long-standing success of the "morning four things," the advantage of: activities of the joint, remove the emissions, increased lung capacity, exercise and protection of eyesight, improved central nervous system function, thereby strengthening the coordinating role of different organs of the body to achieve fitness purpose

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