Saturday, January 30, 2010

Teach you the recipe for how to drink less liver injury

China's drinking is characterized by drinking alcohol, are more common. Tian Han, people believe that drinking can be cold, this understanding is a misunderstanding. How to contact the feelings of both can not damage the health drink it? Teach you the recipe:

1. Bogey fasting drink: drink a glass of milk before drinking or yogurt, or eat a few slices of bread, do not drink empty stomach, so as not to stimulate the gastric mucosa;

2.B vitamins: an estimated drinking for a long time in advance until the vitamin B family entertainment have become rare, in order to protect the liver. Can also be consciously eat more rich in vitamin B family of animal liver, pork, beef, mutton, egg yolk, vegetables, oats and other coarse grains, in order to enhance the body content of VB family;

3. Drink boiled water: Baijiu, we should drink boiled water, to facilitate the alcohol as soon as possible with urine excreted; drinking beer, should wash the toilet; drinking spirits is best on the rocks;

4. Bogey booze: alcohol should not be too fast and too, it should be drunk slowly, let the body time to break down the body's alcohol;

5. Eat more green leafy vegetables: drink eat green leafy vegetables, including anti-oxidants and vitamins can protect the liver;

6. Eat more soy products: drink eat soy products and lecithin in which the role of the protection of the liver;

7. Do not drink carbonated drinks: Do not drink carbonated drinks alcohol so as not to accelerate the speed of the body to absorb alcohol

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