Saturday, January 30, 2010

How can modern men out of depression, stress

Withdrawal, isolation, loss of interest in work or personal relationships is our well-known classic depressive symptoms. In recent years, more and more doctors found that some men are not the "sheep-type" withdrawal symptoms show, but "Chailanghubao type."

In addition to irritability, alcoholism, drug addiction, the some people will workaholic, a little to stimulate the making unwarranted, and the crazy gambling, he threw things around, impulsive behavior such as speeding, these symptoms seem macho, but so themselves, family or doctors, were deceived, even worse, many domestic violence is also related to depression and pigeon-holing, the potential hidden in all corners of society patients.

Bound by the traditional values of men were required to perseverance, strong, carry the social and family responsibility, achievement orientation is high, people always want to play the role of protector.

Medical science has on the real causes of depression, there is still a lot of speculation:Neurotransmitter imbalance, in particular, serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine imbalances, brain cells, hypoplasia and degeneration, brain damage, the cell suicide mechanism to start too early, long-term medication, genetic, stress hormones cause trouble and so on. "Depression is not the real reason is very clear that men are more common, and most have external setbacks," Social environmental factors to explain. Unemployment, economic frustration, midlife crisis, empty nest period, did not properly plan for retirement, a sense of loss, coupled with trying to flaunt, depression dictates, the men can easily be denied that this "does not honor the disease," Nengcheng the stays.

According to statistics, the suicide cases, 9 as above with mental illness, including seven as a depression (in particular, severe depression), 15% of the final to commit suicide to end their lives. What are the common symptoms of male depression? How do I help?

  From the side to help

If you observe around men have depression tendencies may use the technology, the first web or by phone Wenzhen, if the doctors to study the need for treatment, and then motherhood for medical treatment.

Men are usually reluctant to elaborate on the disease, at most, account for insomnia, or physical illness, family becomes very important to the narrative, and finally "strong charge" a man to the hospital, faster access to treatment.

  Covert observation

Insomnia, weight loss, followed by decreased attention and thinking skills, emotional instability become impatient, previously favorite sports (sports product, sports information) now does not feel dejected mentioned, alcoholism, drug addiction, often a daze, asking what to say No, do not pay attention Ai Sheng Shi You heard him sigh, taking note of his family watching him, but also happy, are the focus of observation.

Harvard Medical School Professor Pollack: "partner, close family support is the best medical men of depression," and made a warning to men to prove masculinity do not need to rely on high-altitude parachuting or rock climbing, try to right Pink is known to have relatives or friends tell their minds and prevent their involvement in depression storm

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