Saturday, January 23, 2010

Teach you sex, "With the nature is seeking" the know-how

Marriage gives us the right of a spouse: You can do everything with your marriage partner sex. No matter how cumbersome married life, it is difficult to stop people going into "Fortress Besieged" and aspirations, because marriage is for both sexes in the mental and physical co-ordination to yin and yang, the only protection. However, not married men and women in sexual matters in both the "free" On the contrary, a husband and wife often trapped for want.

To meet their own sexual desire of every married man's rights, and respect for his wife's sexual desire is also the obligation of the husband. As a husband, how can a relatively "With the nature of wants and hopes," so that his wife is with you the happiness and joyous fun with it? This article give you some small suggestions:

A. When you desire bud of that one night, after bathing, accompanied by his wife invited to go to bed as soon as possible, so that body and mind in a state of complete relaxation.

B. do not watch TV, do not open book, newspapers and magazines. Some people think that TV is a real third party, it will attract all your attention.

C. before going to sleep without a serious conversation, such as the units into interpersonal relationships, household income and expenditure, and the child's future such as mind-consuming discussion.

D. does not think a professional job-related issues, such as thematic planning, project development, financial logistics, personnel arrangements and other important things, the mind can not help but slipped into the "distractions" Always clean out.

E. do not wear clothes (up to wear a cardigan pajamas), and his wife relative to touch the skin, so that the two sides of the body temperature of each penetration, smell each other's body odor adsorption, from the outside, gradually kindled the hearts of the love of fire, can not help but want to combined.

F. tirelessly to express love and love the feeling of his wife, accompanied by light-Man fluent in music, can be achieved hazy psychedelic realm.

G. If the wife can not be fully operational at this time may be appropriate in due course selection appropriate to put some couples watch sex video, in order to mobilize sexy sexuality.

Let us imagine: When placing ourselves in the pink or yellow, blue hue room, lying on the milky white, or broken colored floret patterns, soft blanket, looked up saw a red or royal blue roses to stimulate the kind of wealth composition of color paintings, in the slowly flowing, accompanied by light music, smell the smell of flowers ... ... and that one moment, love the feeling goes beyond life and death.

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