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After dinner the diseases that may be sick?

I have often Meisha discomfort, but a meal feel sick, this Editor's Note? My 23-year-old, female, but no pregnancy." Reader named Xiao Liu's experience is also troubled over you? The recent "Health Week" continuous consultation received several messages such as, for an interview with Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Jiangsu province, experts hope that the expert analysis that can solve this part of the reader questions.

First, consider the gastritis

"Patients too little information provided, we must first rule out whether there is liver disease, followed by considerations may be gastritis." Reporters listening to a description of Gastroenterology Luminzhuren made preliminary judgments. Many people have gastritis treated as a separate disease, the fact that it has a variety of categories, each person are not the same symptoms, but generally speaking, common nausea, stomach pain, a sense of fullness, indigestion and so on. Gastritis induced by common factors are: eating disorders, overeating, especially some girls like to eat snacks, which should have a break so that when the stomach is still an overdraft work; partial eclipse, eat stimulus objects; life is not the law, stay up all night ; Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection; genetic also have some influence, such as duodenal ulcer is more popular in the O blood type, while blood type A susceptibility to gastric ulcer.

Found to be infected with HP, and many people will be nervous, fearing it easy to treat. In fact, found to be infected do not have to panic, infection does not necessarily mean will the disease, whether in need of treatment should also listen to their doctors. HP infection is treatable, but treatment is strictly prohibited to take an antibiotic alone, or arbitrarily increase or decrease in amount of drugs or see little effect unauthorized medication, these are easily lead to drug resistance emergence, increased difficulty in healing.

Allergic pharyngitis, tonsil hypertrophy of people will be sick

In addition to gastritis, the allergic pharyngitis, tonsil hypertrophy will be disgusting, but it is not only the symptoms after dinner, you may usually will feel sick. Chengxiang Rong, director of Otolaryngology, said, allergic pharyngitis prone to allergic constitution in the crowd, and when the seasons turn. So the most important thing is doing preventive work: First, a clear allergic to anything as far as possible to avoid allergens; Second, avoid tobacco, alcohol, spicy, too cold, too hot food such as to stimulate the throat; and finally, pay attention to work and rest, moderate exercise to enhance the body immunity. In addition, there is a situation: suffering from sinusitis, nasal secretions of inflammatory back through the nose into the nasopharynx after, oropharynx, hypopharynx, the pharyngeal mucosa caused by stimulation, this stimulus will produce coughing, inter alia, may also have nausea.

Cervical spondylosis of vertebral artery caused by nausea and dizziness may be associated with

Zhou, director of orthopedics, said in the vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis caused by nausea and vomiting associated with vertigo may be, in addition to sympathetic cervical spondylosis can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and even tinnitus, nasal congestion and so on. But this is not only the symptoms after dinner, as this is usually accompanied by nausea and neck discomfort. As the vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis, its symptoms and discomfort associated with changes in posture, such as the head excessively stretching, rotating, or when heavier, mainly due to the formation of these symptoms caused by vertebral artery compression of the cerebral circulation insufficiency. Due to sympathetic innervation of many organs and tissues, so sympathetic cervical spondylosis often show a variety of clinical symptoms such as dizziness, headache, eye Suanzhang or dry, palpitation, nausea, sweating disorders. Source: "Modern Express"

Nausea and vomiting of small recipe

Nausea and vomiting in the Chinese view, is due to exogenous evils invasion, emotional disorders, diet section Laojuan reasons such excessive and weak spleen and stomach, causing stomach disharmony transfer, gas reverse the previous result. This happens, restaurants should use light, digestible food such as pasta, thin rice gruel, eggs, soups and so on.

Nausea and vomiting, hot and humid Fan Wei Prescription Diet

1, fresh reed rhizome 30 grams, Patchouli 10 grams, sugar amount. First fresh reed rhizome and Patchouli amount of boiling water, juice, blended with sugar, flavoring can be. Day 1, minutes 1-2 times warm clothes, even clothes for 2 days. There is dampness, heat antiemetic efficacy. Spleen Deficiency are advised not to take.

2, Zhuru, dandelion each 30 grams, sugar amount, the former two flavor amount of boiling water, juice can be against the sugar seasoning. Day 1, on behalf of the sub-sub-drink tea. There Qingrexiaoyan, Jiangni antiemetic efficacy.

3, Coix Seed, 30 grams of rice each. Wash water will be Yiyiren Zhulan, coupled with Zhu Chengyu japonica. 1 times a day, and even clothes 2-3 days. There is heat and eradicates wet antiemetic efficacy

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