Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 coup to a man is always strong

According to the Chinese People's University Institute of Sociology of the sexual life survey shows that 20 to 64-year-old men, sexual performance an average of 43.9 years old on the "take a back seat", 47.7-year-old began to "off."

How to make sexuality a recession, but early?

Hard it is sweet and affectionate husband and wife

Sexual quality of life for both husband and wife thing, both sides co-ordination. Between men and women physically obvious difference is that male sexual function and fertility can be maintained for life, while women after menopause, many people anxiety, insomnia, vaginal dryness, sexual apathy and other symptoms. Without a correct understanding of this physiological disharmony, it could lead to tense relations between husband and wife or even a broken marriage.

Thus, between husband and wife each other thoughtful, care, keep a regular and moderate sex life, if necessary, use of vaginal lubricants. This can not only improve women's above-mentioned symptoms occur, there is beneficial to both health, but also enhance feelings of husband and wife.

Bath levator ani regular exercise

Middle-aged men to maintain sexual function in a good state, first of all a feasible way to Bath. Specifically: 1 tubs, hot water, large Banpen, water temperature as high as possible more so as not to scald suitable. Bath time is 20 to 30 minutes, during which hot water continuously added insulation. This is a heat treatment, can contribute to local blood circulation, have a good therapeutic effect of health care, not only can improve sexual function, but also treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis and so on.

The second effective method for the spa bath or a warm bath every day for 30 minutes. Hot spring water is rich in minerals such as zinc, manganese, etc. autonomic function can be adjusted quickly to alleviate fatigue, promote blood circulation, improving blood supply to the penis, improve sexual function have a good effect. The third way is to levator ani exercise. Is very simple, that is, put up with the idea to the anus at any time to do. This approach allows the muscles around the anus are exercise helps to maintain sexual function is not premature senility, and improve the symptoms of impotence.

To identify the yin and yang, good tonic

Men, there is a tonic stress, and should be sub-yin and yang of different physical tonic. Yang deficiency constitution were mainly manifested stand the cold, clear long and frequent urination at night, more than urine, premature ejaculation, erection will not be strong, low sexual desire, etc., suitable for taking drugs make up Jingguishenqi pill, Shiquandabu pill, right return balls. Yin constitution people often feel hands and feet hearts heat, Yanzao, Yaoxisuanruan, night sweating, poor erections and so on, can be dressed in uniforms or some of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Nourishing Yin and Kidney Zuoguiwan class drugs

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