Thursday, January 28, 2010

Real Property Management Do not "manage" the word do?

In the Property Information Network to see some experts and professors are talking about the property management industry, from the original management to existing services, I think these people are playing word games on .......

Are they really going to free themselves from property management "manage" the word do? Absolutely not, no professional mechanical and electrical facilities and equipment personnel to operate, particularly in high-rise buildings, the entire building will be paralyzed, there is no professional management of the property, all the district must be confusion, which wants to "manage" the word go from the property industry out, why not get rid of in a hotel of the "management" word? Why not make the government work in the "management" be changed to remove the word service? ? ? ?

Property Management to manage but also service, which emphasizes service and get rid of the manager is that the people of the moth .........

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