Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Super simple waist lose weight

For women, the waist is the most compelling parts of suction. If the waist are fat, it is difficult to stress the body coupled with the curve fit fashion. However, the waist is usually very difficult activity to the site, easy to accumulate fat. If a reasonable stimulus waist, back waist of the meridians, acupuncture points, muscle and fat can be the gradual elimination of the waist.

1, to stimulate acupuncture points back

Waist acupuncture points are: with Mo Xue, located in the top 11th rib, and the navel the same height; abdominal clean hole, located in Shun nipple line down, lower than the navel 3 cm at the location. Back points are: Beijing Gate Point, located in the top 12th rib; Zhi-room cave, located in the second lumbar vertebra protruding downward at 5 cm.

With the thumb, index finger, or 23 refers to Anrou, point pinch, pinch pressure of these points and their associated muscles.

  2, Nierou massage waist band pulse

With a pulse in the band Maixue area, the Department of the finest at waist. Regular massage of this meridian, reducing the effect of waist fat is very good. Two directions from the front, on both sides with both hands by kneading, rubbing points, to mention take with pulse.

 3, massage to stimulate the abdominal muscles

If a strong stimulus, Anrou abdominal ribs abdominal rectus abdominis and oblique abdominal muscles, but also can lose weight and slim waist. Specific practices, massage waist belt with the same pulse.

Here is your waist by an unexpected super-simple method, to receive unexpected results.

You can single leg upright, looking side of the body while the muscles pull the abdominal muscles and hip condition.

1. Legs separated from standing shoulder width apart with his right hand raised up.

2. With the side of the right elbow down to the abdominal and chest high, while the right thigh and buttocks Taizhi high. With both hands placed on both sides of the body, with the body in the same plane, do not put the body front side. Hold the position for five seconds and return to standing (right foot gently touch, the attention to movement must be bradycardia).

Do 10 times. Repeat the above action for the left

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