Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ten women physical inventory defect

, immunity ups and downs
Women control of their own immune system is to men can not match. Why must a woman for the bacteria invade the body's immunity is so strong, but by when you were pregnant, what will become incredibly fragile, it is still a mystery. It is precisely because a woman's own immune system's ups and downs, she is more likely to develop as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases, which are the immune system produces antibodies against healthy tissue in vivo results.
2, heart disease is more deadly
This type of heart disease such as angina pectoris in general is mainly a man prone to illness. However, once women got heart disease becomes more serious or even fatal. Once his heart discomfort, often shortness of breath, body and jaw pain, lack, etc., but these symptoms had to last several hours, not minutes to the past. This is a common phenomenon in menopause, because estrogen to reduce woman's body at this time, their protective function is also weakened.
3, early prevention of gynecological cancer
Medical testing and hormone replacement therapy in the past 50 years of development have been significantly reduced women's risk of uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer, the probability of contraceptive drugs and the extensive use of hormone replacement therapy also greatly reduce the risk of developing ovarian cancer and uterine cancer, the incidence of rate. Recent studies have shown that low-fat diet can be more effective in preventing cervical cancer from occurring.
4, beware of ligaments
In modern society, to participate in various sports women more and more. Orthopedic surgeon to remind the woman, be careful not to hurt. Compared with men, women movement easier knee ligament injury, and, once the ligament strain, starting a few months to heal. Doctors think this may be related to a woman wide hips, bringing the knee ligaments than men to bear a greater force may also be born a woman ligaments are much more vulnerable than men.
5, metabolic
More slowly than men, women on the metabolism of some substances are also relatively slow. For example: alcohol, women amount of alcohol generally smaller than men. Because a woman the role of the liver for the decomposition of alcohol weak and slow, resulting in a large number have not been integrated into the decomposition of alcohol in the blood; of aspirin, the pain medication required to stay in the woman's body for a long time to be effective; oral contraceptive drugs, women taking antidepressants may be necessary when a small amount of drugs, because birth control pills make the body the value of the high content of tricyclic antidepressants.
6, prone to depression and dementia
Women than men are more prone to depression, which was mainly due to a woman in the physical pressure on the larger reason. Women entering menopause, if not carried out after the hormone replacement therapy, their risk of dementia more likely than men the same age. Evidence shows that men and women of the brain's hormones and brain chemical reactions vary.
Woman's body produced by serotonin  a control generated by the female hormones affect mood chemicals  less than men, but women on the changes in response to serotonin is more sensitive to strong.
7, half of them may have to breast cancer
Today, the study of breast cancer is mainly focused on how early prevention. Studies have shown that if a woman lived to the age of 70, their likelihood of breast cancer as high as 56%. With the surgery, medication, chemotherapy and radiation therapy research deepened, optimization, capturing the methods of breast cancer with each passing day, continues to grow.
8, digestive system easy to fall ill
Even the same for men and women ate the same amount of food, women also spend much more time than men to digest it. Women prone to chronic constipation and intestinal illness, the probability of a man three times and twice as much. This difference is clearly began to chew. Preliminary studies have shown that a woman's saliva in the chemical composition is different from men, which may cause the body to digest food in the course of a woman appears to slow and time-consuming.
9, a more severe pain
Many studies have pointed out that women who experienced pain is much more violent than men, and more frequent. This shows that the gender of pain perception and pain of the attenuation force is different. 1 pairs of dental patients in the study confirmed that, like Tebuconazole Sim 1 class of painkillers found in women than in men, the efficacy obvious, but a woman right, like ibuprofen, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs than men, but the response sensitivity .
10, bone atrophy more common
The sharp decline of old age, bones far more women than men. Menopause a woman's bones, due to the impact of osteoporosis, often become less close, full of hole. Produce this change was mainly due to reduction of menopausal estrogen secretion. Estrogen can slow bone atrophy. Post-menopausal women, if there hormone replacement therapy to prevent bone atrophy of the success rate of up to 75%, but also the risk of hip fracture risk decreased by 50%

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