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Also self-cultivation in winter white-collar health food

Also self-cultivation in winter white-collar health food(2010-01-29 00:41:33)
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The cold weather in winter to the dry climate, our bodies there will be a corresponding drying problems through our daily diet can be resolved. In the end what we are eating more nutritious it can be more health?

 Jujube has the role of nourishing the skin
Jujube is a tonic agent in traditional Chinese medicine commonly used drugs, with the spleen, Qi, raw blood, nourishes the skin of the role of the organ. The determination of vitamin content of mince jujube highest, was hailed as a "living vitamin pills." Medical studies have shown that: the skin of vitamin C can inhibit the oxidation of DOPA quinone, reducing the formation of melanin to prevent pigmentation. One of the important functions of vitamin A, is activated and regulation of epidermal cell growth, anti-keratosis, so vitamin A help to improve the skin's water barrier properties, such as with the simultaneous use of vitamin E can delay and reverse the skin aging. Vitamin E is the "youth hormone" and laudatory, with anti-oxidation and the role of scavenging free radicals and promote skin tissue blood circulation.
Vitamin B family and have a moderating role of sebaceous gland secretion. So the saying goes, good "day to eat three dates, life is not significantly older."
  Walnut has beauty benefits of the power capacity
Walnut folk called longevity fruit, there are physical brain, beauty benefits of the power capacity. Empress Dowager Cixi is said to face old age is not bad, that is eat it regularly walnut meat. Black sesame is rich in cystine and vitamin B and E, can increase the sebum secretion, improve skin elasticity, maintain the skin delicate, the Japanese scholars as to change the rough skin of the best food. Sesame seeds and walnuts are rich in vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, can nutrition, brain, skin, anti-aging, nourishing beauty, and quickly added stamina that if meat and black sesame seeds crush walnuts combination has really perfect match, complement each other, saying that get on more with less. Yongnaoguodu, neurasthenia, physically weak fatigue, dry skin are particularly good for drinking.
  Weapon: Walnut sesame milk (Bunao puzzle moisturizing the skin)

1 tsp sesame seeds, walnuts 10 grams, milk 200 ml, soybean powder 2 tbsp honey 1 tbsp. Grinding sesame seeds, walnuts, after removal of thin film cursory crush, and then release all the juice machine juice beaten

  Pig skin can be lubricated
Female hormone is to maintain the women's physiological function and fitness an important material basis, such as the female hormone levels are too low will lead to menstrual disorders, and even amenorrhea, and affect the skin, breast, body's fitness. The latest scientific research found that, in pumpkin seeds, soybeans and other plants on the existence of a hormone similar to the material composition. Li's in the "Compendium of Materia Medica," said the pumpkin seeds can "Bu Zhong Yi Qi," From this is certainly not a bubble. If a female friend who have low hormone levels, may wish to try the south of seeds Sibu effective. A woman do not want to Yimapingchuan, with "peace Princess," the title of this embarrassing, flat-chested and very important reason is that low levels of sex hormone, breast malnutrition, this time may wish to try a peanut Zhushou soup, pig's trotters are rich collagen protein, blood Tongru Chinese medicine commonly used in the post-partum prolactin. Peanuts contain the eight essential amino acids the human body, rich fat oil, as well as calcium, iron, vitamin E and other nutrients, for women have prolactin, increase the role of milk, the two combined will give "peace Princess," who brings unexpected surprises . The diet can also lubricate the skin, to prevent dry skin, wrinkles, aging great benefit.
Cold and dry winter weather, sweat and oil secretion inhibition, dry skin, less oil, lost in the moisture, there dry, wrinkles, or even chapped. Softens skin and is women's primary task, the best option than eat it regularly pigskin. "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic," said the pig can "and the blood, skin Run," Research found that: pig skin contains large amounts of water necessary for the function to maintain skin collagen and the hardening of proteins. Vegetables in pigskin can increase the protein intake to prevent dry skin and protect the skin's elasticity to prevent loose skin and wrinkles appear. And the fat content in pigskin instrument for pork 1 / 2, long-term consumption do not have to worry about body fat. TCM cream in women taking nutritional supplements like the use of donkey-hide gelatin Fang generally, the Department of Black Lvpi donkey-hide gelatin made from spring water evaporation, nutrient composition and pig skin is similar to a blind woman the highest frequency of use, and has Ziyin blood, beauty skin care The natural health medicines.
  Weapon: Southern Peanut Zhushou milk pot (Breast Breast)

Zhushou (trotters) 1, 60 grams of peanuts, milk 100 grams of Southern Wine 1 / 2 cup, salt 1 tsp. Zhushou boiling water boil for a short iron to the hair, wash cuts, peanut washed into the pot in the same, and then wine, water and milk together with the South into the stew cook until Rousu can slow fire.

  Honey has the reputation of women's beauty saint drugs
Mining flowers of the essence, a woman of laudatory beauty saint drugs, regular consumption of honey make people "face, such as Peach Blossom." Dry skin, dry in winter with less oil, and honey contains all kinds of rich biological active substances, can improve skin nutrition to keep the skin smooth and delicate. Especially the honey contains 47 kinds of trace elements, such as zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium are all essential for human health and beauty. It not only win the love of Orientals in the West, the acclaimed, reportedly Western medicine Hippocrates, the Greek father of the long-term consumption of honey and Ting to 107 years old. Consumption of honey can be used alone, but also with the donkey-hide gelatin, red dates, longan meat, walnuts, Chinese wolfberry, etc. fill paste made taking.

  Yuk Ngan, Becky cream (YangYinShengJin, emollients Yuk Ngan, Becky)
Polygonatum 500 grams, 250 grams Baimi the election Feibai Polygonatum cut into thick end of the torture of three to the residue water concentration, plus Baimi income cream. 30 grams a day morning and evening empty stomach, to white water brewed into tea.
  Immortal porridge (old age Phytosome)
System Shouwu 30, rice 60 grams, jujube 20, with bamboo scrape off the first upi, sliced Jianqu gravy to the residue, would be gravy with rice, red dates within the porridge in the casserole, add appropriate amount when cooked brown sugar , and then boil Serve. Sooner or later fasting food ,7-10 days as a course of treatment, across five days after consumption.

  Longan has the effect of blood Ziyin
Also known as longan longan, sweet natured, has raised Anshen, Ziyin the efficacy of blood, the most suitable for the frail and sick, heart palpitations, insomnia, minimalist looking female tonic purposes. Long serving the meat will add crystal sugar brewed into a "Yu-Ointment," a tablespoon every morning and evening blunt, simple and convenient easy to store. According to Ancient records wolfberry there, "added Zhu Jing gas shortage, easy color, white ... ... very long life" effect. The great Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi praise it as "manna taste of varying capabilities, but also know that a spoonful to Trillium." Fierce competition in modern society, the most easy to wear and tear fine gas, such as in the work of the gap not forget to drink a cup of rosy sweet, taste like grapes, Chinese wolfberry tea, can be considered as a kind of modern women to treat their own treasure the perfect expression of life.
  Lotus seed longan soup (blood moisturizing, whitening beauty)

Lotus 30 grams, 30 grams Gorgon, MI Ren 50 grams, 8 grams of longan meat, add water, 500 ml, micro-Simmer 1 hour, seasoned with a little honey, a sub-served, and lotus seeds and drinking from the same soup

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