Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alert! Family commodity complex system of cancer

Carcinogens from the family daily necessities, such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides in vegetables, cosmetics, household plastic products and rubber products, etc.; from carcinogens in food, such as cured meat, pickled vegetables, fried food, etc. have gradually attracted people's attention, but there are some little-known carcinogen, and did not arouse people's attention.

Tap water, White

Wisconsin Hospital and Harvard School of Public Health researchers found that tap water by adding the fungicide - bleaching powder, and will release active chlorine, long-term consumption of tap water with active chlorine, it may induce bladder cancer and rectal cancer, cancer factor is not the bleach itself, but with the water from the chemical reaction of pollutants produced some of the chlorine by-products. Foreign scientists found that people daily use the white one is also a carcinogen. Of paper usually contain a carcinogenic chemical compounds that can be easily absorbed by fat, if the paper packaging of food containing fat, such compounds may dissolve in food, people will unconsciously fall ill.


As the family of modern, large home appliances into the home, household electrical appliances will have a variety of different wavelengths and frequencies of the electromagnetic wave, a threat to people's health of electromagnetic pollution. Scientists have conducted in mice by microwave radiation experiments and found that their white blood cells to the proliferation of irregular, with the proliferation of leukemia produced by white blood cells are very similar, ie microwave may be carcinogenic.

  To radiation

One is the way of radioactive carcinogens in the radiation, which is in a high pressure of the groundwater beneath the kind of energy emitted, especially in the groundwater of the intersection, to the intensity of radiation will be superimposed and the surge, the formation of a strong radiation energy, caused by mutations in human cells and cause cancer; the second is the building of the radioactive substances, such as radon gas, are generally households to varying degrees in both building materials contain some radioactive material, especially in newly built housing, a greater risk of radioactive These radioactive substances that can cause cancer

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