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9 cultivating stomach Huwei Diet Diet

4, spinach - the blood to facilitate the

Spinach, sweet and a cool nature can Runzao Liver, benefits stomach, Tung constipation. "Diet Materia Medica" contains: "Lee five internal organs, Tung gastrointestinal, anti-alcohol drug." Spinach can promote secretion of the stomach and pancreas, increase appetite, aid digestion; rich cellulose can also help bowel peristalsis, favorable defecation. However, the spinach oxalic acid content was high, hinder calcium absorption, should be avoided with tofu, seaweed and other foods with high calcium food or cooking before the light boil for a short, except oxalic acid.
250 grams of fresh spinach soup light food, 2 times a day: governance blood pressure, gastrointestinal product heat, Xiongge bored, dazzled.

5, sweet potatoes - Yang Wei to the product

Sweet natured, sweet, Spleen Qi. "Checklist Supplements" Reporter: "Fill in Nuanwei, fat five internal organs." Tian Han consumption, upright Yang Wei, chemical food to the product, and can be bowel weight. Many people think that eating sweet potato fart more than is actually due to gastric peristalsis. However, high levels of sweet potato starch, will be converted into glucose after eating, not eating for diabetics.
Sweet potato porridge
The sweet potato (yellow to red Purple Heart were the best) Wash, and even Peel and cut into small pieces, add water and rice gruel Tongzhu until the porridge will become, adding amount of sugar, cook for two or three boiling can. From "porridge spectrum."

6, Papaya: Papaya contains enzymes to help break down and speed up the protein absorption, can alleviate indigestion and gastritis, papaya is also the spleen and stomach, cure stomach pains good food. Papaya partial cold, do not recommend fasting food.
Yangwei therapeutic side: papaya carp Fish Tail Soup
Materials: papaya 1, 100 grams of grass carp fish tail.
System Method: Peel papaya cuts, grass carp into the oil pan fried fish tail moment, plus papaya and ginger pieces a little, put amount of water, about 1 hour Gong Zhu.
Food Effects: papaya papain, helps digestion and absorption of food, for indigestion, diarrhea, stomach pain, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, etc. are effective. Papaya lipase, can be broken down fats into fatty acids, is beneficial to digestion and absorption of fat in food. Papain is also able to promote and regulate the secretion of pancreatic juice for pancreatic dysfunction caused by indigestion have therapeutic effects. Grass carp fish, sweet, warm. Function Nuanwei and in the digestion of stagnation.

7, ginger: to promote blood circulation, can relieve stomach pains caused by cold weather; ginger in Chinese herbal medicine is also used to treat nausea, vomiting, stomach right patient useful. Gastric ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux in patients with less.
Jiang jujube drink:
Ginger 5, jujube 10, Jianshui cup of tea. Pepper ginger porridge: black pepper 1 g by adding 50 grams of rice or millet porridge served. Suitable for cold sharp stomach pain, met very Leng Tong, mouth pale dull, the pan of water who spit.

8, yam: spleen and stomach, kidney gas, can promote digestion and absorption, sticky texture also have a protective effect stomach, but also to promote appetite. Stomach discomfort leading to loss of appetite a long-term patients can eat.
Nourishing Yin and Yang Wei yam porridge Lily jujube
【Materials】 yam 90 grams, lily 40 grams, jujube 15, Yiyiren 30 grams, rice amount.
【】 Yam production of clean, cut into Cardamine granular. Rice panning clean, into the pot, add lily, date, Coix Seed, the fire opened, for a small fire Man Manao Zhu Chengyu.
【】 Fu Fa taken 2 times a day.
【Effect】 yams with Spleen and Stomach function; lily heat Runzao; jujube, Coix seed spleen and stomach, take things Yangwei Ziyin All appliances, heat Runzao role. The congee is particularly suitable for stomach TCM under-stomach yin, patients usually manifested Weiwanxiashu pain, hunger is not Yushi, dry mouth Yanzao, emaciation, mamillata little moss, thin veins.
9, the simplest way that eating adequate health peanuts, you can Yangwei, you can try. Simple and effective, but may persist.

Four Seasons Yang Wei Ge Jue:

"Spring rain shock Kiyotani days, summer summer summer Mans Man linked to white-Qiu Han Qiu Department frost, the winter snows Xuedong small Big Chill." 24 Solar Terms song, known in our country. Li-chun, Li-Xia, Li-Qiu, Dong four solar terms is very important, in the four solar terms on the day or the day before the day after these three days some of the fruit serving, food, medicine and middle class to the great benefit Yangwei.

Li-chun, they can eat bean sprouts (green bean sprouts, bean sprouts, black bean sprouts, silkworm bean sprouts, pea sprouts), radish root, celery root.
Lixia, they can eat almonds, Su, grass roots.
Liqiu, they can eat wolfberry fruit, Ophiopogon japonicus, habitat.
Lidong, they can eat ginseng, astragalus, jujube.

According to each person's constitution can be Jianfu can be fried can be used or Ao Yu. In order to facilitate memory, composed as follows Gejue: Li-chun five buds fried, legislative夏杏Su grass, Li-Qiu Dong Qi, the beginning of winter Shenqi dates.

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