Monday, January 18, 2010

How to identify the disease, according to the color of phlegm?

Sputum are the trachea and bronchial secretions or exudate within the alveoli does not include mouth, nose, throat mucus. With bronchial epithelial cells, cilia movement, bronchial smooth muscle contraction and cough impulse when the air will be the respiratory secretions from the mouth of the discharge of action is called sputum. Sputum volume, color, odor, character is an important diagnostic evidence, while reflecting the changes in condition, need to be carefully observed and recorded.

1, white sputum --- that it is not too serious

That is, cough cough, cold cold, this heavy cough, sputum than Qingxi, fever is often accompanied by cold-blooded, non-sweating, throat redness and other symptoms. Doctors generally believe that the white representatives of sputum is often stimulated by the relatively "pure" is not too serious.

2, yellow sputum --- and the "hot" the relevant

Said the infected, wind-heat type fever cough, often accompanied by sweating, sore throat, vomiting thick yellow sputum, nose and tears streaming yellow and turbid, reddish tongue moss. If you vomit yellow sputum, while the human body can certainly be accompanied by fever infection, whether it is viral or bacterial disease will have to according to the duration of illness severity and related laboratory tests further confirmed the results.

3, red sputum --- need emergency treatment for bleeding

Sputum is certainly no doubt the red blood sputum. Doctors advise: any bleeding coughing are in need of urgent treatment of the symptoms, although the force will be making throat coughing violently behind the rupture caused by microvascular bleeding can not be considered a very serious matter, but encountered the phenomenon of hemorrhagic cough is best Please professional medical diagnosis.

4, pink sputum --- and with a bubble indicates that pulmonary edema

When they cough cough with pink bubbles and the color of phlegm, and shortness of breath at the same time the phenomenon has taken place, feeling like a drowning as is very likely that the lung edema disease syndrome in alarm, when the heart failure leading to fluid-filled lungs, the pulmonary edema on the appeared.

5, rust-colored jelly-like sputum --- pneumonia should be

According to experts, if the cough of the sputum was reddish-brown or rust-colored, brown, and the jelly-like, then the cause should be the result of pneumococcal pneumonia, suffering from this disease, often accompanied by chest pain and fever.

6, no cough or sputum --- optical foreign body aspiration

If a child suddenly dry cough situation, we must guard against if they inhaled foreign body. If you continue to cough, more than 34 days and has a fever, it may be caused by acute respiratory infections. If you continue to cough over 23 weeks, and did not cough up any sputum, chronic cough that may have tumor formation, heart disease or a nervous habit. Doctors, if not until the cough, but was recently raised by cats and dogs at home, or just move the new house, buy new furniture and cough phenomenon, it is likely because of allergies to these new things.

Tips: How to prevent cough?
1, diet eat cold food, the cough should be fasting during the cold, including: cold drinks, iced soft drinks or from the refrigerator just out of the fruit. So as to protect the lungs, so that lung function was normal, thereby reducing cold, cough odds.
2, diet should be light-based, it may eat lily, lotus seeds, Chinese yam, papaya, pear, almond and so on, Eat, or fasting oranges, citrus, fish and shrimp, spicy greasy food, no smoking, more drinking water.
3, regular outdoor activities such as jogging, swimming, rope skipping and other sports, proper conduct of outdoor sports can improve the body's resistance of aerobic capacity and lung respiratory function.

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