Monday, January 18, 2010

Four parts of the body can detect whether the health of women

Parts of an palm: The following hand the event of abnormal situation should go to the hospital pinpoint the cause.

1, paresthesia. Early morning wake up, swollen hands, flexion and extension negative, get out of bed soon after getting better or disappear. This phenomenon prompts you to, you may your heart, kidneys, liver sick or suffering from malnutrition, edema.

2, numbness. If there are frequent numbness, age has now entered the ranks of middle-aged, or suffering from hypertension weekdays, may be a "stroke" of the aura.

3, tremor. If alcoholics should consider whether there are chronic alcoholism; people who never drink should consider hyperthyroidism; overdose, there nervousness, irritability syndrome can also occur when the tremor phenomenon.

Part 2, Yongquan:Lit cigarette, close to half a centimeter away from the Yongquan Department, the case of a healthy normal subjects, 10 seconds to 30 seconds may feel hot. If feeling the heat too long, or about feeling different people may be sympathetic out of balance, fatigue or some sort of visceral disease.

Part 3, kidney:Xiangshangcesuo of people drinking beer, is proof of a healthy kidney. Drinking beer, 20-year-olds in 15 minutes later, the 30-year-olds in 20 minutes later, the 40-year-olds in 30 minutes or less to the toilet, that is, good health. In short, the kidney function is stronger, the sooner the toilet time. Pee, the urine is less attractive, that is evidence of kidney weakness.

Part 4, the lips:Viscera of the signal. Pale lips, the woman must be anemia, who is a lung disease was purple, black human liver disease, fever, who is red. For example, the lips, reddish and rough, and the body Suanma, we should drink some honey, and eat radish mud, heat will recede soon. As a result of anemia and the pale lips, should eat liver for some time.

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