Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The easiest of the three kinds of people nightmares

Worst nightmare is the world's people have had experience. German Sleep Research Institute latest survey shows that more than 4,000 Germans, 10% of the past six months, frequent nightmares, 61% of occasional nightmares. The arrival of the financial crisis, more so than ever before nightmares of people more nearly doubled. University of Wales, Makebula Grove said that if let people record, then, a person may do once or twice a month nightmare.

"Dream is accompanied by a state of human beings during sleep, sleep, rapid eye movement there, if you are dreaming, and then happen to wake up, they will remember." Psycho-analysis expert, Shaanxi Provincial People's Hospital, director of the psychological clinic cloth, said Dr. Zhang days. Of modern brain science and sleep medicine confirmed that, regardless of whether you are feeling, dreaming every night about two hours, the average will do four or five dreams. In other words, if you live to be 80 years old, his life might have done a 100 thousand dreams.

"Although no precise data, but the fierce competition, immense pressure, fast-paced modern life has been a nightmare for more and more entangled." Armed Police General Hospital, XU Jian-yang, director of psychology, said, relatively speaking, the negative habit of thinking, nervous, depressed, pessimistic people often had nightmares. Research shows that there are three kinds of nightmares are more likely to do:

  A, young man.Sudden unemployment, excessive work pressure and other factors, makes the young man became his patient in the "main force."

  2, female.More recently, researchers at the University West of England to track 5-year found that 19% of men and 30% of women said they did the recent nightmares, women more vulnerable to anxiety and other emotions into the sleep routine, but also the feeling of a nightmare and more strong.

  Three children.The frequency of nightmares may also be age-related. Within a week about 1 / 4 of the 5-12 year-old children were awakened by a nightmare. Reason is that children's brains are still developing, emotional, even from outside influence, their dreams are usually a nightmare to do was follow. In addition, from adolescence to adulthood, the nightmare frequency will increase, and since then started to decrease.
  Nightmare indicate certain diseases

Nightmares and feelings of not only the relevant. German Sleep Institute research indicates that if a person is frequent nightmares, may signal health problems. Dreamed that his throat had been pinching the tonsils may be inflamed; dream fall from a height may be harbinger of heart disease; the children often had nightmares may be a problem with the gastrointestinal system; for older people, there may be suffering from Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's psychosis. "If you do the same a long time dream, a dream of the body organs, such as the liver, teeth, etc. every time the pain, it may also indicate that this site does have health risks." Ming Shi said.

In addition, there are several reasons you may be a nightmare-ridden. XU Jian-yang said that the first wrong sleeping positions, such as the pressure in the chest with both hands on the tummy sleeping, winter cover, quilt, etc. too. Second, during the day to see, hear, and come into contact with a provocative scene, such as hit a car accident and so on, these scenes will be reproduced in the brain scenarios, or even be amplified. Finally, experienced some major trauma, the most typical than in Southeast Asia tsunami, the Wenchuan earthquake, mine and other great disaster. And significant family incident bitterly painful childhood experiences, are also belong to this category.

  The recipe to help you stay away from the nightmare

A nightmare, so this is not easy modern nerves more tense. The survey shows that 47.4% said they influenced his own nightmare of sleep quality; 13.6% of the claimed increase the psychological burden, to become more anxiety, depression, etc.; 4.9% of the people is more serious and have therefore can not concentrate affecting the work and life, in need of treatment; only 24.7% of people said "no impact."

Several experts have pointed out, in fact, nightmares and sleep quality is good or bad is not necessarily related. But if the nightmare you yawn continuously during the day and can not concentrate on work and life, try the following options:

To solve the most critical issues during the day. Dream is one day mood "mirror", for example, close examination of students often dream of a non-performance. In this case, the most effective way is to regulate the attitude of the day to reduce the negative stimulus generation. Everyone is under pressure, the key is to do their own emotions Manager to maintain a peaceful state of mind, try to avoid stress, anxiety and other negative emotions.

To develop good sleeping habits. Tsinghua University Yuquan Hospital, Department of Neurology, said Gao Wei, deputy chief physician should develop a regular sleep before 12:00 good habits, it is recommended the elderly use the soft texture of silk quilt and so on. Before going to bed Do not do strenuous exercise for two hours, non-irritating to see a strong books, television programs and movies, listen to soft music, take a look at easy books, washing a warm bath, bubble feet, can ease the tension.

Eating spicy and fatty foods before going to bed. 1, published in the "international spirit of Physiology," Journal of studies have shown that, due to spicy foods can increase body temperature, eating before bed will disrupt sleep, resulting in frequent nightmares. Published in 2007 a "psychological report" on the study also showed that high-fat foods during the day to eat more, sleep quality, the greater the probability of deterioration. In addition, drinking too much may also lead to a nightmare.

Records of dreams to help solve the problem. Hoi Fu Dr. Dement suggested, it may be time to write, draw or record a nightmare scenario in a dream, can help doctors diagnose illness, develop treatment programs to eliminate the nuisance caused nightmares. Housewives, and stressed that the record must pay attention to the plot of a dream and your dream emotions these two points.

"Scientific understanding of the dream is very important, especially a nightmare. It tends to be your real life, the 'past tense'." Zhang days cloth stressed that dream will not necessarily be true, and nightmares as well. As long as no impact on the quality of your life, you can easily treat it

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