Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inventory can treat cancer, alkaline foods

In normal state, human blood and body fluids are Shaopian alkaline, pH value is maintained at between 7.35-7.45, this time the health status of the best. The human body has an acid-base balance regulation system that can ensure that the human body under conditions of reasonable dietary acid-base balance. The daily diet should eat more alkaline food.

Today, we approach taken in the treatment of cancer surgery and chemotherapy, why there is no real cure for cancer, to alleviate the suffering of patients do, people are eventually not the real reason is that rehabilitation is the acidification of body fluids, acidic fluid does not change the cancer cell, will not die, This is because doing after surgery and chemotherapy again metastasis and recurrence of cancer causes. To treat cancer, have to improve their physical condition from the beginning, from the source starve cancer cells. Eat alkaline food, improve their acidic, while complementing the body must be organic nutrients, so as to starve cancer cells at the same time, restore their immunity.

1. Strong Acidic foods: egg yolk, cheese, sugar done at West Point, or persimmon, mullet roe, dried fish and so on.

2. Acidic foods: ham, bacon, chicken, tuna fish, pork, eel, beef, bread, wheat, butter, horse meat and so on.

3. Acid foods: rice, sugar cane, peanuts, beer, wine, fried tofu, seaweed, clams, octopus, loach.

  4. Alkaline foods: Red bean, radish, apples, cabbage, onion, tofu and so on.

  5. In the basic food: Dried radish, soybean, carrot, tomato,Bananas, oranges, pumpkin, strawberry, protein, prunes, spinach and so on.

  6. Alkaline foodCommodities: Qiama ancient, grapes, tea, kelp buds, kelp, etc

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