Monday, January 18, 2010

Common symptoms of the three kinds of prescription diet

Food and Conditioning Anti-Hair Loss

Liver and kidney were, Hair falling into pieces, progressive increase, hair dry, often accompanied by dizziness, insomnia, five upset hot, sleep sweating, Yaoxisuanruan other discomfort. Women may have irregular menstruation, men associated with semen. Therapeutic principles of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing hair growth.

Recommended food: black sesame, black beans, walnut, longan meat, chestnuts, Diospyros lotus, Chinese wolfberry vegetables, Fructus Mori Albae, mutton, dog and so on.

Recommended Diet: walnut sesame porridge. To take 200 grams of walnut, sesame, rice 100 grams each. All the walnut and sesame seeds Yan Mo, spare. Rice porridge by adding water to 7 mature, and then add walnut, sesame seeds 30 grams each, can be cooked. 1 to 2 times daily in food.

Persons qi and blood deficiency, Sparse hair, accompanied by looking chlorosis, Shenpi fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, pale tongue, white fur, pulse slim and fragile. Therapeutic principles of Qi blood, spleen Yang Xin.

Recommended food: honey, jujube, yams, brown sugar, chicken, pig's blood, eggs, milk, potatoes, grapes, carrots and so on.

Recommended Diet: fleece-flower root boiled eggs. Wash with 100 grams of fleece-flower root system, cut long strips, soaked in water for 15 minutes, add 2 eggs, then add the right amount of onions, ginger, salt, cooking wine and so on. Wuhuoshaofei, slow fire cook until cooked eggs. Remove the eggs with the cool look of flooding, stripped shell, and then at the pot boil 2-3 minutes for human consumption, eating eggs soup once a day.

Spleen wet Sheng-typeHair loss, showed the head of fuel sticky, shiny hair, scalp itching, accompanied by loss of appetite, abdominal distension, diarrhea, tongue red, thick greasy fur. Therapeutic principles spleen dehumidification.

Recommended food: green beans, lentils, Luffa, Coix seed, wax gourd. Remember that food should not be too cold, greasy food, so as not to hinder aid wet spleen.

Egg white can soften blood vessel

Egg yolk will help increase high-density lipoprotein, but not more than one a day.

High blood lipids, high cholesterol, those who like to hide hide eggs "fried egg", indeed, out of health considerations, they can not eat eggs, but it does not mean that these people do not eat an egg a day with the Ministry of Health China-Japan friendship Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Oncology Professor Li Peiwen said: egg yolk lecithin in fact the fight against heart and brain blood vessels would be beneficial. Cholesterol is not high for people who have just one egg a day is good, but there is egg softening the role of blood vessels.

Diet well-Qiaozhi rhinitis

Chronic sinusitis: Chronic sinusitis is a chronic inflammatory sinus disease, in order to muddy tears over the nose, stuffy nose, smell ineffective, headache disorders, the course is usually longer.

Food Therapy:

1. Melon-jen 60 grams, reed rhizome 30 grams, decoction, morning and evening services.

2. Green tea, 2 g, water brew, add 1 tablespoon honey, frequency drinking.

3. Prunella 15 grams, chrysanthemum 10 grams, open blisters, when the tea.

Allergic rhinitis: also known as allergic rhinitis, is a sudden and repeated episodes of nasal itching and sneezing more, flow-ching tears, nasal obstruction disease rhinopathy, Chinese medicine that this disease is Allergic Rhinitis. Before the onset of physical discomfort, loss of appetite and other symptoms; future we have to stand the cold, fever, head pain, lassitude and other systemic symptoms.

Fresh therapy: jujube 500 grams, 250 grams of almonds, honey, 250 ml, ginger juice 60 ml. A total of boiled cream, often taking. Applicable to patients with lung deficiency

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