Monday, January 18, 2010

Ten women to help prevent disease resistant food

As the saying goes, medicine make up less Sibu. Nutrition experts point out that attention to nutrition in their daily diet with a reasonable and appropriate to add the following foods can help fight against the women.
  Anemia - added high-iron foods

Because periodic blood loss and reproductive and other reasons, some women over there You Sancheng mild iron deficiency anemia. Anemia easily lead to long-term decline in ovarian function, the impact on women's health.

Blood nourishing lives, women can be called a "homework." Animal liver, lean meat, spinach and other foods is not only a high iron content, and easy to absorb. Medical experts remind women during menstruation, when tea and coffee to try to drink less thick, so as to avoid tannins which inhibit iron absorption.

  Menstrual discomfort - drink hot milk, add honey

Abdominal pain, Yaoxisuanruan, physical fatigue, sleep disturbances and emotional irritability and other symptoms, women often experience physical discomfort during menstruation. Obstetrics and Gynecology expert recently found that women in the menstrual period before going to sleep every night to drink a cup of hot milk and honey, reduce or eliminate menstrual discomfort.

Because of potassium in milk can soothe emotions, and to relieve abdominal pain, prevent infection, reduce the role through the blood; honey contained in the central nervous system of magnesium can be calm, to help eliminate the women in the menstrual tension, alleviate the psychological pressure.

  Dysmenorrhea - eat a banana

Banana is rich in vitamin B6, vitamin B6 has the stability and the role of nerve, not only can stabilize the anxiety of women during menstruation, but also help improve sleep, relieve abdominal pain.

  Migraine - Eat foods magnesium

Migraine headaches occur in the child-bearing age women, particularly those engaged in intellectual work of women. The study found that some patients with migraine headache low blood magnesium levels, if a diet rich in magnesium intake note that foods such as millet, buckwheat noodles, beans, bananas, nuts and seafood can reduce the onset of migraine .

  Depression - eat fish

Due to the impact of endocrine hormonal changes, women are more likely than men to depression. Overseas study found that frequent eating salmon, sardines and other ω-3 fatty acids rich in fish, can help relieve depression in women, or reduce the incidence of depression. Because these fish rich in ω-3 fatty acids have antidepressant effect.

  Estrogen decline - intake of soy products

Estrogen is an important female sex hormone the body, when it is in the blood below normal levels, makes a woman's reproductive function and sexual function are affected, but also to enable the heart to lose the protection.

The isoflavones contained in soy is an estrogen substance, the body can compensate for lack of estrogen. Drank 500 ml of soy milk or eat more than 100 grams of soy products such as tofu, yuba and so on, can effectively regulate endocrine function, to promote return to normal levels of estrogen.

  Mycotic vaginitis - eat garlic class

Regular consumption of garlic class women are not prone to fungal vaginitis. Because garlic is rich in allicin, allicin and other substances, which are sulfur-containing natural bactericidal substance has a strong bactericidal effect, inhibit Candida albicans in the vagina of excessive growth and reproduction.

  Breast Disease - Eat more whole grains for food and seaweed

One study found that women of childbearing age more than in the diet intake of whole grain foods, make estrogen in the blood circulation to maintain an appropriate level to avoid the high levels of estrogen caused a lot of breast disease.

Kelp contains a lot of iodine, can stimulate the pituitary secretion of luteinizing hormone to promote ovarian follicle luteinization, reducing the body's estrogen level. Therefore, regular consumption of kelp contribute to the prevention and treatment of breast hyperplasia.

  Gynecologic Oncology - Eat more fruits and vegetables Erythroderma

Red apples, red peppers and other red fruits and vegetables contain a natural plant chemical composition, can effectively inhibit the growth of a number of gynecological tumor cells, while reducing their estrogen responsiveness, and thus has a role in the prevention of gynecological cancer.

In addition, the onion, Muscatel grapes and other fruits and vegetables also have a similar effect.

  Ovarian cancer - eat high calcium foods

A lot of investigation found that women's calcium intake enough calcium intake less than the risk of ovarian cancer by reducing the probability of 54%. Because of adequate calcium helps control the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Therefore, women should pay attention to appropriate complementary foods high calcium, especially in postmenopausal women and older women, daily calcium intake should reach 1000 mg. This requires a day and stick to milk or dairy products, eat soy products, small dried small shrimps, fish, seaweed, and shepherd's purse and other food

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