Monday, January 18, 2010

7 characteristics of a woman makes a man crazy

Beauty, wisdom, gentle men, in the end --- a deeper love for women's qualities? Recently, the "India Times" reported a British study on the different ages, national and professional men, after an investigation found that the following seven are the majority of men are going to be crazy female characteristics:

Woman wearing a red dress more attractive.
U.S. "psychological issue," published a study shows that women wearing red clothing, the men to be drawn and the emergence of arousal will likely double. The researchers explained that red is often imply that a woman eager to love moisture, which is the most romantic color, men will leave a deep impression.

Long curly hair appeals to the imagination.
Heavy make-up rather casually in front of him seemingly playing with his long hair, especially when the volume slightly to bring some. Pisan heterosexual woman with long hair in front, which means she was completely relaxed at this time, but also hope that more women display their own characteristics.

Dark hair.
Both East and West, the majority of men believe that dark-haired girls are more simple, Gu, is the ideal companion. In addition, men more likely to maintain natural hair color and a partner, not always hair dye.

Rounded, convex-concave body are induced.
Gugan Mei is no longer fashion. Today, most of the men like curved body of the woman, that its more sexual attraction.

Sexy slender legs.
Woman slender thigh is the best weapon to conquer one of the men. Tall women always become the focus of attention. One of the men involved in the investigation, said: "a pair of slender legs straight, make a man obsessed."

Deep eyes.
Even if the looks ordinary, you can still through the eyes to convey thousands of style. In the male view, gentle eyes, his eyes bright and energetic woman, can touch the hearts of the softest place, is the inner beauty and emotional delivery.

Clever minds.
Beauty can be modified out of, but the wisdom is difficult to camouflage. In order to attract the opposite sex, women do not forget to keep to their own minds Chong Chongdian

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