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Note: The fetus is most afraid of 12 things

Hidden in the belly of the baby while Mommy safe, but some things still have the opportunity to influence, if not pay attention to your baby's health and safety of Oh! Let's look at unborn babies in the end afraid of?

1. Fear of the noise

6 months when the fetus has already hear the voice of the outside world, therefore, suggested that the mother prenatal education experts, mostly from 6 months onwards can always say something softly to the baby.


* If life is full of the noise impact would be on the baby, such as: sudden noises may cause your baby be a huge shock, long-term noise will make baby feel uneasy, and even affect the development of hearing.

* United States of neonatal physician who studied in populations living in areas near the airport, the neonatal malformation rate from 0.8% to 1.2%, the main symptoms of spinal deformity, abdominal deformities and brain malformation.

* Studies have shown that if pregnant women have received more than 85 decibels the noise impact, the fetus before birth had lost their hearing sensitivity.

* Bulletin boards also make their own noise irritability, mood swings, sleep, the mother there is no way a good rest, the fetus is the most direct victims of the.


Gold pure doctor suggested that, during pregnancy is best to leave the noisy environment, multi-listen to some light, sweet music.

2. Afraid of alcohol and tobacco


* Excessive amount of alcohol may cause fetal growth retardation, neurological abnormalities occurred, malformation, intelligent risk of damage.

* Cigarettes may result in birth weight, premature birth, stillbirth, and dangerous. Therefore, alcohol and tobacco is a healthy growth of the fetus very large enemies.


Bulletin boards should be strictly observed not drink, smoke, not the principle of passive smoking, so that your baby safe from harm of tobacco and alcohol.

3. Afraid of her mother emotionally disturbed by the excessive


* Pregnant women during pregnancy for fear that the fetus may be healthy, not adapting to the changing role of family members, and so considerate enough reason for anxiety or depression arising from the case, if the mother is in a long-term over-emotional disturbances, irritability may cause fetal growth retardation.

* Baby after birth tend to have a bad temper, easy to illness, irritability, crying and so often it can be seen a long-term emotional disturbances Bulletin boards, a lot of influence on the fetus!


* If only occasional one or two things so that Mummy is not happy, as long as my mother as soon as possible to calm down emotions, for the fetus is not too great, my mother do not have to worry too much.

* During pregnancy the mother should try to maintain a happy mood, if the original had depression Mommy must take care of their emotions carefully, if necessary, should be suitable for treatment with a psychiatrist to discuss a way to control their emotions, so that melancholy situation to a minimum.

4. Fear of drug


Serious error medication may cause fetal deformities, organ abnormalities or even death.


* Not all drugs will be an impact on the fetus, however, drug use during pregnancy, does require careful attention.

* Doctors said that during pregnancy, whether external or oral administration of drugs should be in accordance with physician's instructions, can not be arbitrary use of do not understand the ingredients.

Medication during pregnancy, including five points A, B, C, D, X-class.

* A level is safe to take.

* B Grade Most find it acceptable.

* C-level their safety can not be determined at present, but if necessary, the doctors will still choose to use.

* D-class drug medical evidence may result in fetal abnormalities, however, if the advantages outweighed the disadvantages of the special circumstances, or may be used.

* X-class drugs are strictly prohibited during pregnancy.

5. Unhealthy fear of the mother


The health of the mother in order to nurture a healthy baby, if the mother itself is unhealthy, for example, pregnancy-induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, may cause fetal abnormalities and even death at high risk.

Even if the mother no obvious disease, but without a good living habits, such as staying up late, do not exercise, excessive fatigue, etc. may leave the fetus does not have a good living "environment" can not be healthy growth.


His mother being sick should actively seek medical treatment, so that a stable condition to control, reduce the incidence of complications at the same time, do not forget to take good care of their own body and mind, when a healthy happy mother.

6. Fear of radiation


* Inappropriate radiation exposure, such as the acceptance of X-ray examination, computer tomography and so on, has the potential to fetal abortion, malformation, mental retardation risk.

* Mainly based on radiation dose, irradiation location and number of weeks of pregnancy to determine the three factors, the higher the dose, the closer the fetus, the higher their risk.


* Prior to X-ray and other tests, should pay attention whether they may be pregnant, and if necessary a priori do check the pregnancy.

* If you need to receive during pregnancy X-rays or other radiation therapy, should be clearly informed the doctor, so that physicians assess the safest way.

7. Afraid of malnutrition


* In general, pregnant women, mostly from over-nutrition are now very few pregnant women, malnutrition will occur. However, once pregnant women, malnutrition or excessive weight loss, it may result in lack of nutrient absorption baby, but lead to stunted growth, mental impairment and other issues.

* Australian obstetric experts, found that whether a person is suffering from heart disease, diabetes and other adult diseases, obviously a diet to lose weight during pregnancy, since the reduction of calories and protein intake will affect fetal growth and metabolism.

* Some pregnant women too picky eaters, it may cause fetal lack of certain nutrients, such as severe folate intake in early pregnancy may cause fetal neural tube defects.

* Germany Hann.Muenden clinics Tracy Yang also pointed out that in the latest study found that the taste of mother's amniotic fluid and breast milk can pass through the fetus, if pregnant women, preference for certain foods, your baby after birth is also easy to partial eclipse.


Bulletin boards should be maintained properly, a balanced diet to prevent unhealthy fetus.

8. Afraid of high-allergy foods


Modern very high proportion of children with allergies, but allergies are closely related and genetic. If the mother ate during pregnancy may lead to too much food allergies allergy attack itself, and thus trigger the fetus allergies in the next baby was born, the chances of becoming allergic children will be greatly increased.


Mommy had allergic reactions during pregnancy, it is best to avoid the ingestion of food is apt to cause allergies, such as milk, citrus, mango, stone fruit, chocolate, protein, shelled seafood, etc. in order to reduce the chances of the fetus allergies.

9. Afraid of her mother play pets


Home pet, the more concerned about is a kind of cat faeces may be transmitted to humans have a "Toxoplasma gondii." If the toxoplasma infection in pregnant women affected by and easy to cause fetal malformations, brain growth retardation and so on.


* The mode of transmission from cat feces, so the cat cleaning work during pregnancy to the family, the family also should pay attention to the clean hands should generally be assured.

* If the mother is still worried about being passed on to others could be considered to take care of.

* In addition to cats, dogs outside, and some people have a special pet, such as gold mice, birds, etc., in principle, if you want to support, and cleaning work should be handed over to other family members deal with, but it is better first to send requests to others HKRAS.

10. Afraid that did not receive regular check-ups


The fetus in the mother's womb is the stage of growth, each stage of growth and development of the organ is different physicians for check-check the focus when the content will be different, through regular check-ups can prevent premature birth, complications, early placenta pre-stripping and other hazards fetuses incidents.


On a regular basis for check-ups is the best way to maintain healthy baby, if she does not really subject to regular check-ups, the impact on the baby is a big Oh!

11. Afraid of a strong impact


Pregnant women, if a car crashes, falls, or by a strong external impact, it may have to occur premature rupture of membranes, placental abruption, uterine rupture, etc. to every risk.

Even if the impact strength is not to be too serious, but the baby belly feeling the sudden impact, often also have a startle response.


After their pregnancy is not the best biking, hiking, walking shoes to wear slip, if the sense of response variation, we also best not to drive, pay attention to pace up and down stairs, preventing slippery floors, so as to reduce the harm to the fetus accident.

12. Fear of long-distance travel fatigue


Over-exertion or travel long distances to travel, not only could not relax, but the risk of premature birth may result in the fetus. Pleasant trip will help baby prenatal education, but if too far, becomes a burden are not appropriate.


* Want to go out together, doctors recommend that pregnant women should avoid too much instability in the early and latter part of the burden, in principle, is suitable for medium-term pregnancy, travel time.

* Pregnant women still have to pay attention travel itinerary will not be too tight and avoid going to places with poor sanitary conditions.

* Wear good walking shoes, as well as lightweight breathable clothing.

* When traveling by car should pay attention to a timely rest, get off walk walk, avoid prolonged to maintain the same posture, which leads to poor circulation.

* To remember that not holding back urine, avoiding the risk of bladder inflammation.

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