Sunday, January 17, 2010

Phase in love how to deal with sexual impulses?

When the young men and women from the friends to become lovers, especially into the exciting, sweet, happy love in phase, boys often get carried away, it seems that everything around us disappeared, there is only love hot and emotional intoxication. And the beloved girl Xiang Wei dependent, two Embrace in love, love Cece, Italy endless, the boys found it easy to produce sexual arousal.

Sexual impulse towards the opposite sex target at the moment is the inner strength, is a normal psychological phenomenon. Man entered puberty, the body continually sex hormone secretion, mutations occurred in a variety of physiological functions, so that the rapid development and maturation and function of reproductive organs. Passionately in love period, and sex-related perceptual, emotional, memory and other mental activities, very active imagination. Les Yeux girl's white teeth, slender movements and aromatic flavor, anyway, the girl to the boy's vision, taste, hearing, touch, smell brings all the stimulation caused by his sexual impulses are an important factor.

If the feeling likened to paddle, then the reason is the rudder. Only with the tacit understanding between the two, love the boat to reach the other side of happiness. Premarital encounter, perhaps it is this young man to "ride" skills test. Waves set off by sexual impulses will lead to confused young man, helpless, and even the "boat" subversion, ran aground. Only strong-willed young man, can calm the waves and distant oceans.

Stage of pre-marital sex is contrary to social morality, love of deviant behavior, the development of its love of great harm.

First, pre-marital sex is illegal behavior. In China, the sex life is a statutory right of husband and wife, is an important content of married life, it must have legal protection, and never can be any random place between men and women.

Second, pre-marital sex will easily lead to frustration. The future of lovers in love or get married or split. In the event of sexual relations, if there is one grass is always greener, find another new love, or break up because of other reasons, it will cause serious setbacks on the other side and combat. Pairs of young women, will bring even greater suffering.

Third, premarital sex can cause both psychological disorders. The parties are often in tension, Pocu state engaged in sexual acts, coupled with the majority of cases, the young man lacks the necessary knowledge, it is difficult to talk about the sex life of this happy and harmonious. The wedding night can not only lead to a diminished sex life fun, but also let some girls do not give rise to a normal sex life views, such as pain that sex life is dirty, not happy, but tired of sexual lives, hatred, and fear of emotional , resulting in frigidity, affecting the normal sex life after marriage. If you accidentally pregnant, they will embarrass both parties into a position, although the safety of early abortion, but, after all, the girl will bring about physical and mental pain and loss, a number of dangerous complications may also be occurring.

4 is a pre-marital sex may result in the unfortunate married life. Some guy holding "Anyway, the future husband and wife," the idea, there is no marriage registration, and the girl to have sex. But the girl's problems after the gradual exposure of dissatisfied young man can be "uncooked rice into cooked rice," regrets are too late, reluctantly married. Similarly, some sweet talk the girl in the men's rash under the subordination of the course of time feeling each other although not ideal, in order to take into account the reputation, the only thing to eat dirt and barely combined. This lack of foundation of marriage is far from happy.

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