Friday, January 15, 2010

Woman, to see how do you detox?

The night owl how detoxification?

Inverted black and white people: come to little movement

The night owl who stays up late all day to ensure himself a little sports bar. Moderate exercise, such as walking, jogging, swimming, etc., for gastrointestinal motility to speed up the role of the blood circulation will increase faster. And the movement through the appropriate pay, more conducive to "toxins" body.

Recommended to do yoga, this is a can help blood circulation, lubricate joints, help to body and mind a good way to harmony and unity.

Of life of people in the law made no how detoxification?

People who live in disordered: regular physical therapy, time to relax

Spa or a massage, without exaggerating the effectiveness of the premise, we absolutely believe that these methods and the hot springs, Bath, like the be able to relax the body and mind.

Oil is a good choice, in line with the essential oils extracted from natural plants, can help the body deep relaxation. The Hot Springs Village is rich in minerals and cation-anion, trace elements and radioactive substances, and continuously stimulate the body surface and in vivo sensory devices, and transmitted to the cerebral cortex to improve the regulation of central nervous system function, increase the liver detoxification capacity and help discharge toxins .

Nine-to-five of the OL are the how detoxification?

Normal: mop-drug sources

According to the experts recommended that any effect of detoxification methods can not match the human body comes with a "detox" system. The system includes the liver, kidney, skin, lungs and other organs, can continue to filter, decomposition, to remove "toxins and waste." As long as we balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle, drink enough water, adequate sleep, adequate exercise, maintaining ease of mind and the body's "detoxification" system will be able to operate smoothly, that there is a threat to health will naturally slip sources of drugs .

With regard to detoxification of the other questions:

Detoxification of puzzled 1: What are poison to my body?

In addition to the external environment to bring the body of toxins outside the human body will produce toxins. For example, if intestinal metabolites to stay too long, some bacteria break down proteins, producing peptides, amines, ammonia, a small amount of hydrogen sulfide and indole and other toxic substances. Under normal circumstances, they are absorbed into the blood, can be converted in the liver, detoxification, and is not harmful to health. However, after prolonged accumulation of toxic substances can not be discharged in time when there could be self-poisoning. Whether the skin, brain cells, liver and other tissues and organs are subject to toxic hazards.

Detoxification of puzzled 2: the difference between the West detoxification?

Western view of the "poisonous" refers to harmful substances, including the pressure from the external environment and pollution, bacteria, viruses, and fat, sugar, protein and other substances in the metabolism of waste generated in the process.

The Chinese medicine, "poisonous" concept more broadly, in vivo metabolic products of all call out poison, but also from outside the body, the body which can not adapt to the "wind, cold, summer heat, wet, dry, fire" six "disease evil. " Chinese medicine stresses "detoxification" means is that through the whole body conditioning, to improve the body's ability to adapt, and then take the initiative to transform all kinds of harmful substances or decomposition, detoxification, including perspiration, urination, coughing, sneezing, etc..

Detoxification of puzzled 3: one on the detoxification?

On the "detox foot paste" theory, the expert pointed out that in medicine there is no scientific basis. Those look greasy black viscous substance may be discharged oil and grease sweat glands. The existence of people's feet with the various organs of the reflex zones corresponding organs, stimulating these reflex areas can promote blood circulation, endocrine conditioning. As long as the body's own function to normal, with the sweat, some toxins can self-discharge.

Detoxification of puzzled 4: Enema detoxification can use it?

Chinese medicine believes that Supian are numerous toxins contained in the source. Western medicine also believes that the body fat, sugar, protein substances such as metabolic waste and corruption in the gut of food residues after a product is a major source of toxins. Doctor's suggestion is a daily bowel movement, of course, less than ideal if you do not, there is a more extreme way is known as bowel detoxification, which is sausage. Enema of the instruments in dry stool, defecation difficulties, may soften the stool, lubricating intestines, timely discharge Supian, removing toxins, maintain a good environment for the body.

However, experts believe that such external stimuli may even have to break the people's normal physiological balance. It is only rightConstipation crowd as an auxiliary means of physical therapy, their treatment, or to change the eating habits of drug therapy.

Detoxification of puzzled 5: lymphatic massage can help detoxification?

"Lymphatic drainage" really like the ads are kind of magical effect? Indeed, many people think that, after detoxification lymphatic massage, physical discomfort a lot. This is likely to point to the body's response to massage.

Experts believe that the lymphatic system with immune function, when the body is subject to external viruses, the lymphatic system would be the same as the filters with their own circle of pathogenic micro-organisms will be filtered out. It is independent in the sweat glands and the urinary system outside the circulatory system, lymph nodes where the toxin can not be from sweat, urine discharge. And lymphatic massage can play without the immune efficacy.

Each person's constitution is different only with respect to the characteristics of their own select the appropriate detoxification method to obtain the multiplier effect. For the majority do not actively respond to the needs of people who detoxification, the election of a way he can do is to start in a successful detoxification.

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