Friday, January 15, 2010

Men like to hear his wife say five sentences

We often hear or know what women want to want to hear anything, or on how to meet the requirements, or to please a woman a lot of other views. The men? We are rarely able to understand a woman that men want to hear anything.

Women are often emotional needs for men to ask questions, and often let men have their minds this feature to reduce, we can say they have been doing this. From another aspect of evolutionary psychology to prove this point.

Men also have emotional needs, even though not a woman so much. In the men you want to hear what you say be considered, let us first consider the next appropriate communication and effective listening during the most important factor is.

While we are discussing with your man want to hear what you say, but we also want to make sure the next when he would communicate.

Even though it may appear in rare cases, but also to determine if you are able to detect the next he wants to get to hear from you what. God gave us two ears and one mouth, so we can hear is the words twice as high. Effective listening will make you familiar with a number of warning signals, these signals tell you that his emotional needs are not being met.

Woman ah, you often ask your men can multi-point with their own emotional exchange, good, come on, the following is that they want to hear what you say.

 1, "I will support any efforts you have made."

We have heard such a saying: behind every great man there is always one more great woman. We're not asking you have to stop at a man behind, but there are so many songs they sing: "support your man," This is what we requested. Support us to achieve things now go to it, when we love a woman in any way to accept and encourage us, you will feel what we have done incredible. Doing the next thing, we hope women will continue to do so.

 2, "you and I accept everything you have!"

An immediate family outside the love for our acceptance in the majority of our people, is a romantic nature of the relationship. However, many relationships are broken because of a reason, and that is because both sides do not accept each other in any appearance or form. Do not cry, do not go to change his. Accept his man, or to people who looked more appropriate. To regard him as a "pet project" in this plan, you put your passion to transform him, so you can let him progress, both in emotional or physical aspects (more likely the former).

  3, "Baby, we are a team, inside!"

Kind of relationship with any other very much the same romantic relationship should be based on communication, common tasks, as well as the views of other solid foundations. Outside is a cruel world, but also looking more and more brutal. Just because we are men, does not mean that every bit of pressure and must be made by us to bear, even though sometimes we adhere to suffer the pressure. Sometimes we just want to hear you say that those who can rise to a series of things that can not be pondering what these things if properly developed, it would be unbreakable.

  4, "you're hot (I mean that is the case)!"

Let us face the bar - everyone - men and women and hope that their passing has been tested, and are being tested and is safe to tell you not only pass, and it was endorsed onlookers you think you are very good.

In fact, this feeling with many others feel different, but as "Baby, you are very hot today," This kind of casual and natural than the prevalence of the words "I love you" or just hope not to mention the monotony out of words " You look good "is both a lot better.

  5, "Anyway I love you."

To listen to one of your loved one (especially the so and so) to say "I love you" This phrase has become a kind of us look forward to. This is very common, in a certain context, to put it too will become a burden. All said such a thing of the people do know the hidden meaning? In this sad era of globalization, whether we love the standards be lowered? In many social projects, men must play, and followed their roles and tasks. We are forced to make great efforts, but also great risk. We feel it is necessary to do all of these things, but in our thinking behind it there is the possibility of failure. Most men believe that everyone wants to listen to what they love to say something, wants to no matter in what circumstances can feel love, even if they suffer defeat. This is characterized by unconditional love - the truest and can be demonstrated only a form of love.

From a woman in her views on the existing relationships it is difficult, the above in most of the sincerity of those words come out. However, the idea that they say it might be able to test and decide on whether your existing relationships, as you might think in general

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