Friday, January 15, 2010

Life of seven coup waist lose weight

Weight loss is not always as difficult as people imagine. Details of life as long as you maintain good hygiene practices, Xiao Duzi will be ever subside ... ...

  A day, eat at least three fruits and three vegetables and two

Lower abdomen can not be separated by body weight loss and therefore limit the intake of total calories is quite essential. Eat more fruits and vegetables is not only easy to produce satiety, but also help you reduce the urge to eat dessert. In addition, eat more fiber-rich foods can be effective treatment for constipation, but constipation is your belly bulging one of the culprits.

  2, 9 glasses of water a day, limiting consumption of carbonated drinks

The morning before breakfast a cup of white water, and light honey, water or cellulose added to the water, to accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, the night before the body of waste metabolites excreted, reducing the opportunities a small pot.

Normal average daily volume of 2000-2500 ml of water, the body material and oxidation of raw water to 300 milliliters, so 2200 milliliters of water a day should be added, including the water content of the diet. Then there are 2200 milliliters of water and how much the current capacity of ordinary disposable cups, about 250ml, Which means you need to drink approximately nine cups per day of water (in a one-off cup to measure, the specific number depends on your cup size may be).

Do not row in a single hour drinking too much water. Drink too much, due to infiltration of blood vessels inside would be diluted with water, causing the blood contained decreased concentrations of oxygen and nutrients. In order to meet the body's energy supply, the heart must work intensity, resulting in increased cardiac load. Long-term case, great harm to health. In addition, a large number of water caused by the body after organ edema, due to "water to flow", the excess moisture will be a substantial convergence in the waist and lower extremities, resulting in the waist and lower extremities edema.

In addition, try to drink less carbonated drinks and those high-sugar drinks, they make your stomach like a balloon drum.

  3, away from the alcohol

Whether it is beer, cocktails, liquor, or other forms of alcoholic beverages is likely to be caused by your abdominal body margin. Although wine does not contain fat, but calories are very high, only about a cup of 200ml of alcohol beverages, calories can be up to 100 kcal. Wine will also improve your body's cortisol levels, this powerful hormone is precisely the lower abdomen fat stored accomplice.

  4, sit-ups

If you want to achieve the purpose of subtracting abdominal body, we should control the rhythm, to avoid a number of start doing a lot of sit-ups, leading to sore muscles. Initially you can try to do five times a minute, then gradually increased until it reaches about 30 times per minute can be. Pay attention to controlling hair strength part of it is the waist, rather than legs or arms.

Weight loss is not always as difficult as people imagine. Details of life as long as you maintain good hygiene practices, Xiao Duzi will be ever subside ... ...

  5, back straight and sit straight body

Weight loss is not always as difficult as people imagine. Some people as long as the correct posture, abdomen chest will be able to subtract some accumulation in the abdominal fat. Always remind ourselves that chest, abdominal contraction, Zhi Yao, sitting, such as hanging bell, even if it is not always maintained, Xiangqilaijiu do, are likely to subtract 2 pounds from the belly of fat or more cumbersome.

 6, do a clean, loving woman

Their own clothes to wash your own, not thrown into the washing machine, and then lying on the couch and watch TV. After dinner clean up the kitchen, mopping mopping the floors. Mama tables and other furniture, allow themselves to be diligent, and a clean woman. These everyday chores that you avoid lying down or sitting immediately after meals to prevent fat accumulation in a small pot while it consumes a lot of calories.

 7, hula hoops, turn up

Watch TV the way Shake shake a hula hoop: Hula Hoop shake per kilogram per hour to consume about 5 calories, with 45 kg of body weight, for example, approximately one-hour consumption of 45 (kg) x5 calories = 225 calories , but over time it will become a waist sections of beauty.

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