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Women in different parts of the different whitening program

There are different parts of the body whitening recipe.

The thick black faceDiet

Health status, diet, lifestyle and face make-up will affect the skin pretty. Often in the sun exposure, the skin will be black, if the misuse of cosmetics, facial mask, facial skin thickening. Chinese medicine that are mostly black looking insufficient kidney essence and blood can be taken orally Liu Wei Di Huang balls kidney drug. Diet of the Placenta porridge side, with Qi kidney, nourishing the blood of the effectiveness of Yijing: Suanzaoren longan porridge party, apply to face inadequate Heart and blood skin thickening, ginseng mountain ones for parties, apply to gas decline due to face dim yellow; bee pollen to eliminate facial dark spots, so that facial whitening, peach foods are not optimal for Shu qi, Blood Circulation due to poor minimalist who mentioned in a deep face: As a "water-zhen cuisine" Dragon lice can be boiled, can be fried, can be fried, with kidney and repair of the efficacy of subcutaneous tissue can be drying dark brown except the surface of the gas.

Neck rough black diet

Medicine that: heart blood loss less, the former neck greenish yellow bleak: liver qi stagnation, neck skin, dark green; Spleen blood stagnation, neck skin and crude. Because the skin of the neck, compared with the face, the lack of a thick fat layer, coupled with poor blood circulation, it is likely to cause neck skin coarse black slack, resulting in wrinkles. However, the use of effective diet, can make rough black neck into charming Yu Jing. Nucleic acid is the preferred nutritional food, Japanese scientists found that women taking a daily nucleic acid 800 mg, 1 month later, the skin will become white and tender neck, tempting. Nucleic acid-richFoodFish, shrimp, yeast, liver, mushrooms, edible fungus, pollen and so on. Gruel is beautiful neck of the traditional food, dates, corn with Yiqi nourishing, soothing Feng muscle effect, apply to spleen deficiency of blood caused by the weak.

Waist and abdomen black diet

Smoking, alcohol, overwork and disease will lead to a number of reasons such as waist and abdomen appear thick black circle marks the decline. Le belt in particular, those who used to tight, due to long years of oppression affect the blood circulation, their skin often appear dark circles the waist. Chinese dirty Ming Xue view, spleen kidney loss, the five internal organs transportation of refined gas dysfunctional, so that the flow of lumbar disc of the blood and decrease in waist and abdomen will form a rough circle loose black skin. Prevention and control measures are adhere to eating grains, vegetables, fruits, which contain calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and other minerals is beautiful skin the best food. Vitamin c skin cells constitute the essential elements of material to maintain the waist, the permeability of blood vessels and pigment metabolism in the balance are inseparable from it. The traditional diet of rice porridge Shouwu side, with a supplement qi and blood, Yuet color, benefits the liver and kidney effects, suitable for waist limp, bad marks black person. In addition, eat moth, young cicadas and other insects also have good effect, because such food contains more than 20 kinds of free amino acids, is an ideal skin bodybuilding substances.

 The therapeutic arm Zihei

Hip Zihei more common in sedentary workers, or found suffering from liver disease, sciatic nerve disease, endocrine disease, and menstrual disorders are. His thick black wrinkle purple, and even hip angle of Health and other skin boil. Studies have shown that absorption of vitamin c deficiency, which puts pressure on long-mill hip skin blood spots, ecchymosis and local hematoma or hard section. Vitamin E can promote metabolism, increase the resistance of capillaries to maintain the normal permeability of the pores, improve blood circulation buttocks, flat hard-wrinkle, delay skin aging. And should therefore be added Vitamins C, E. Foods rich in vitamin E, dairy, eggs, sesame, honey and so on. Should also be irritating Eat spicy food and acidic food, and pay attention to everyday life in the line of alternating sitting and maintain emotional stability.

Rough black knee therapeutic

The knee is the most dry parts of the legs, the skin are more rough. Black persons knee dry skin care products are available commercially available bleach or lemon juice plus salt smear results are very good. But the diet is strengthening the foundation of the policy conditioning. Insufficient intake of vitamin A knee prone to dry skin, rough, keratosis, and gloomy. Foods rich in vitamin A are carrots, bananas, milk and so on. Iron knees in the diet easy to feel the cold, the knee will be a result of minor movements that I am tired. Lack of dietary zinc, manganese can cause knee ligaments lax, resulting in knee injury prone skin. Changyin aloe juice can add skin moisture and restore collagen protein function, in order to prevent or delay the knee dry wrinkled skin, raw patches, so that it remains flexible and whitening.

Eye ring black diet

If you often work late into the night 23 points, 8 o'clock to go to work again quickly, then the black eye will be fully revealed. What is the recipe for easy removal of black eye it? May wish to make the best use food to try. Wash water chestnut and lotus root, chopped into after the juice machine, plus two glasses of water, stirring. Water every other residue, and then deposited with the 10 minutes. Lotus root and water chestnut is rich in silty, iron and protein, there is the role of casual blood Quyu. Deposited before going to sleep the best, can reduce the opportunities for black with the circle. Or bee pollen - tsp + Royal Jelly - teaspoon, mixed black eye position after the ground before putting the thin layer. Washed away with water after 1 hour. Royal Jelly contains amino acids, there are bleaching effect, and can promote the metabolism of the effect.

Black halo breast diet

Areola is a woman's sexuality, which is part of someone else can not see, for a more intimate lover has a unique significance, many women are worried that their areola too black for the future well-being of the cage a shadow. With the growth of mature women, due to estrogen secretion, such as excessive nipple stimulation impact on relations will gradually become dark brown. Black halo breast therapeutic the best period is one week before ovulation. From the date of the first menstruation to when the best time 11,12,13 days, because this is the peak of estrogen secretion: and after menstruation to the next menstrual period before a second-best, which is the most stimulating color areola good timing. Adolescent women can eat some palace of vitamin E, vitamin B, protein and hormone secretion can promote food, so as to achieve the purpose of bodybuilding breast. Available plant, the chrysanthemum, pine nut kernels of 10 g, duck 2, Gong Zhu: After knocking a cook and cooked eggs, fresh eggs spoil. 1 serving a day. Adult females were suitably ginseng 5 g, lotus 20 g, rock sugar 10 g, stew 1-2 hours every other day a time. Can also be used Hu peach kernel 120 g, ramming paste, psoralen, Eucommia each 120 g, poke into the pre-smoothing cream, such as the Indus sub-major. Fu Fa: fasting warm salt soup to swallow 50 pills wine. Be able to benefit blood fill the marrow, eyesight Yuet heart, soothing glow.

Stretch marks black diet

Stretch marks medicine called glandular atrophy is due to pregnancy, skin tissue collagen fibers relax or even broken, no sense of self. And the longer the time, depression, deeper parts of color, showing dark brown or black. Occurred mostly in the soft skin of the body, as the waist, lower abdomen on both sides, breasts, inner thighs and so on. In order to avoid or reduce the appearance of stretch marks, pregnant women from the first day, daily morning and evening massage and the importance of nutrition should be deployed to supplement vitamin E, eat it regularly animal spleen, oysters and other activated cells in order to stimulate the leather back to life, eat pig skin, shark's fin, mine gum, trotters, steaks, etc. molecules easily absorbed collagen fiber-rich foods, the elimination of stretch marks black with excellent results.

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