Friday, January 15, 2010

Finger length of a woman to disclose your ability to bear children

The latest research concludes that the fingers can indeed suggest a person's health, fertility, marriage and even the future risk of heart disease, breast cancer, diseases such as cancer. Another person's athletic ability, offensive, autism, also with the length of the index finger and ring finger are linked.

When we embryos grow to about 5 weeks, the hand had already seen, but very small, as the fins in general. In the ensuing development, the fingers slowly began to grow webbed between the fingers gradually degraded. To 11 weeks when the hand joints, muscles and even fingernails have been fully developed. All the features have been gathered. A 20-week-old baby, in her mother's stomach, have worked with these young fingers to their ears Naoyang has.

Researchers study reveals that the relative index finger ring finger longer than the people who are more likely to be highly educated. Finger growth and brain development are occurring in the same period, and with the level of sex hormones in utero. Therefore, women are often associated with the index finger, ring finger as long or less, men are often longer than the index finger, ring finger, while the left-handed ring finger is usually higher than the index finger grow many.

University of Alberta researchers also found that the ratio between the index and ring fingers were also linked to other personality and disease.

Measurement of your ring finger and index finger length, can be in the following table to see if their character and state of health.

The index finger relative to ring finger length

* Women have a higher reproductive capacity, rather humble, more sensitive, relatively easy to breast cancer, do not love to take risks;

* Male fertility is weak, strong verbal communication skills, offensive weak, poor sense of direction.

Ring finger index finger length relative

* Women's fertility is relatively weak, over-confident, the relative can not be susceptible to breast cancer, loved to take risks;

* A stronger ability in male fertility, oral expression is weak, and strong attacks, better at math, more likely to develop autism.

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