Friday, January 15, 2010

See through men's 11 tips

The shortcomings of men do not like the mall, "buy one get one free" like the shining of goods is tied. Now teach you 11 tips to help you ferret out his perfect behind the "fox tail" to see clearly that he is not what you really want to man.

The disadvantage is that men look from the shortcomings of the simple, but in fact, at the couples in people, always put myself in the most perfect aspect presented to the other, even though many of the advantages of a good man, but their shortcomings and do not like the mall "buy one get one free" like the shining of goods is tied. Now teach you 11TipsTo help you ferret out his perfect behind the "fox tail" to see clearly that he is not what you really want to man.

Contemporary men's views on love

1, one to do any work, dealing with everything and felt "too simple" man does not mean he was skilled, it is often hide behind his Zhitaicaishu, no patience, expect such a person to become in the hands of "futures" appreciation It seems not realistic.

No. 2, a considerable social prestige of the man, basically is a wife to fame is more important than our men. If we want him to fame and his wife in the community to make a choice between, they will not choose a wife, but it is entirely without prejudice to their need to have a woman as a wife's existence.

No. 3, a career filled with the spirit of man, basically is a no leisure to accompany women shopping for men. Chen's year is a career as a happy person, except in accordance with the ethical standards of that time, there is no time to spend with his wife, not even his wife, the property of belonging to a man advantage. And now, the more extraordinary woman, the more there is no patience to fall in love with a man who does not go home.

4, one only Hello, others a bit of your "offensive" would be furious, and the other man is basically a selfish and heartless people. In fact, he is just protecting their own interests, when love for you is not so strong, you will be the same as "others" as treatment.

5, one at home and save every dollar a man, basically in the community is a very stingy man. This man does not have any hobbies.

6, a Hupenggouyou the "出淤泥而不染" man, is definitely a good cover up the hypocrisy of man. Look at a person who see his friends, this statement is absolutely no mistake, if his friends around is very bad, but he flaunted his innocence side, continuing to mix with them, then he must be worse than those of a friend people.

7, a wealthyAllureAndSexyThe man, basically that is one for all women who are attractive and sexy man. Not so naive as to imagine a situation is only limited to the kinds of flowers in a basin germination. One not linked to any beautiful, lovely women have any sort of dealings of men, basically that is a by any beautiful, lovely woman by the disdain of men.

8, one every night at home, stay with your man, basically is a man who has no friends. This time, men will not get a woman's choice, but a woman's gabble. Men's leisure only when they have no leisure time actually served to bring valuable.

9, one did not you live without, or even die for you man, it must be a man who can let you die. Do not be such a pledge and actions touched, he just was too possessive and immature.

No. 10, a life of frugal man, basically in any occasions, is a slovenly man. But about one's appearance was only looking for the dirty ground Bale.

No. 11, one not an artist, but every day fever in the art of man, which is essentially a non-pragmatic, without being industry, man. Take pictures, listen to music, watching movies, reading literature, drinking coffee, singing, dancing, painting, Fuqin really very romantic, but once taken place in the family every day, it's not a woman happy start

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