Friday, January 15, 2010

Why does love always let us down?

A lot of people's life ambition is to find you can fit with his other half, so engrossed in the love of the pursuit of the camp, as if he was just half a round, if you can not complete a circle, there will be a heart defect. Unfortunately, contrary to their wishes to pursue the results of ... ... Why is that?

We tend to harm the body and mind by this thought: single-minded purpose of achieving only one ─ ─ marriage, into the altar that only the other side of life is complete. Why can not, however, think that they have a complete circle? Only the first correct perception that they do not need to track down the blind. The difference is that seeing others in pairs, no longer self-pity, self-Ai Zi Yuan itself by itself. You will know how to enjoy the lonely, know how to appreciate loneliness.

There have been a friend and want to get married just because Pa Jimo would like to got dizzy, even the propensity to violence just could not come out the other side, and even after he bruises like a pig, they are also stubborn, thought it was loved to madness can not be controlled in performance, may also be complacent with this is irrationalAllure。

But of course, apart from this man give a woman "fist", he will first give some "sweeteners", such as the cooking himself, massage comfortable, sexual satisfaction, when you slaves ... ... so that you only see these "good" and ignore the the dressing of the "wound" because one day his mind will not ring true when you become out of airbags.

When people in sexual gratification, whether it isAppetite或Hot, Become greedy, be squeezed too much, as if stretch of appetite can never be enough to eat; but when emotions ran aground when the desire of mankind has its common, these two kinds of desire, as they will be won "AnorexiaDisorders "or" emptiness disorder. "Swallow food without the formation of self-abnegation of" anorexia ", and the extreme in order to eat to fill the inner emptiness and let off steam, while the formation of low self-esteem of the" emptiness disorder. "

Whether you are suffering from any disease or above, are absolutely not to pleading gesture, because your self-esteem, he will be trampled on the ground, not to do harm to allow yourself to be a double thing. So more than the empty disorder anorexia nervosa may seem Qingxin few desires Wei Chang is not good, at least not become men and women in A Streetcar Named Desire, but regrets are not on the ride to squeeze onto the car, and then in the dead of night, when Guyingzilian see in the mirror More and more people gaunt, your heart is the want of his guilt or compassion? Or self-revenge, abuse themselves? If it was, however, you can see the other side are willing to degenerate, not a human form, you will be fortunate to run fast, but would not want to see him one more. Therefore, the group of interviewees, when neither anorexia do not have to empty, in fact, there had to be feeling the results that you can, "the spirit of independence."

Because even one day has finally married, I thought I could do from the old white in the first harmonic? Your spouse still have the opportunity to betray you, make you feel like extra-marital affairs into hopeless suffering. Damage to your physical or mental harm, that is, you will build confidence in his affirmation of you, you will want to put on his body, then once without him, do you think your world all the destruction of the rules. So, I reiterate that he is the one complete circle, complete individual idea is to remind the futurePartnerToo many people paid to dream that we should live life on their own responsibility, under the premise of not readily have the spirit of independent thinking is required.

  Understanding of a man falling in love again

If you know the following guidelines may soon be able to find a happy marriage.

  First, create an ideal man can only be a futile effort

In fact, a higher rate of return of a woman there are many things to do, do not forward according to their own will, bent on re-shape their own couple, because that would only lead to failure, is futile.

 Second, "children" type and "aging mother" type have failed

Men need is a mature lovers, both to be his friends, but also to do his companion, and never need a minor Jiao woman. Under normal circumstances, spoiled woman full of women, or be good at manipulating others, will only make a man fled.

 Third, a woman's anger will scare off all the men

Generally speaking, those who have had experience of women love to meet new men, the pairs of lovers there is always a kind of old anger and resentment, and this past anger is often fear of the new partners are extremely.

 4, often with many good men pass by

Person's best qualities is often difficult to be found only in a stage of coexistence only when the Shining. So a woman it's hard to find that they can close a good man, but by those who apparently "The Merry chic" fooled by the men. In fact, such a handsome man, free and easy only to women of the initial passion, can never be a lasting contribution to the companions of love.

 5, women looking for love do not come better

Will appear at any time in life in some unexpected surprises, this is because people do not intentionally look forward to surprise the scene taking place. Men hate women to have some sort of looking forward to love life, because they prefer to see everything in nature occurs. Therefore, women can only lead to excessive expectations on life becomes boring, lack of confidant.

 6, to understand life, a woman is always simultaneously rigid-flexible

Women's masculinity and warmth of the perfect combination to create the miracle of love life, so that the exchanges between the opposite sex to become healthy and full of flavor. Smart woman to appreciate the charm of women themselves, but also believe that they have the ability to attract her lover in mind. It is precisely because she is confident of itself, it can be based on the performance of the fortitude of female-specific tenderness.

 7, "looking for" sweetheart to be pro-active

Good man is not descended from the sky, we must rely on themselves to create opportunities for women actively pursued. Wise woman will not passively await the appearance of her lover, they would take the initiative to successfully grasp the opportunity to find and get a man's love. Love this woman know how to enjoy fun in the process, as to eventually be able to get the opposite sex can not love, but not the most important, at least she has tried, and has a happy feeling.

  8, romantic love will have to be to contain

Man in love is always in the spirit of excited state, it is very natural. In other words, when the men in the pursuit of women, his attitude is positive, but also a bit excited. However, once they got what they want, but there are ensuing excitement disappeared and no longer feel stimulated. Therefore, and to maintain a certain distance from each other's sense of mystery contribute to the development of long-term romantic relationship.

  9, the men did not give a commitment of love

Men are reluctant to give the woman in love with too many commitments do not even make commitments, which has been a woman's unsolved mystery. Although they have been through their own actions to express their position, but to get their verbal commitment to very not easy. Smart woman knows how to lead men to use linguistic ingenuity, which shocked the mind, forcing them to make a commitment of love

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