Friday, January 15, 2010

Let the beauty beautiful women more beautiful food

Beauty experts believe that many beneficial to human body-building food, on the face of a person's beauty will play an unexpected role.

Women wish they had a good appearance Jiao. In fact, as long as you can reasonably adjust your eating habits and content complement the body needs adequate nutrition, you'll have a healthy and beautiful appearance.

Sunflower seeds are rich in zinc and South, the human zinc deficiency can cause skin wrinkles. To this end, it is not fresh every day chewing sunflower or pumpkin seeds, make the skin smooth, slow down the formation of wrinkles. At the same time, each morning and evening every day to eat a kiwi fruit, kiwi fruit rich in vitamin C, helps blood circulation, better delivery of nutrients to the skin. Animal liver, milk contains a lot of vitamin A, can eat the skin elasticity, delayed relaxation.

People to 30 ~ 40 years old, and her hair has begun to age. Sulfur-rich eggs, eat four eggs a week can make the hair glossy. Zinc and vitamin B family can delay hair growth. Protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, etc. Coupled with the fresh vegetables, to have a thick UFA who will play an important role, since 97% of hair is composed by keratin.

Bright and God's eyes, can increase a person's natural beauty and rhyme. Eat three times a week using the carrot of vegetable oil to burn can be eyesight, because carrots are rich in vitamins A, E, can play a role in eyesight. To do with the flour with wheat bran bread contains a lot of selenium, eat this bread, can help hedge against eye diseases. Vitamin C can improve vision, often to eat citrus fruits will help eye protection.

Beautiful nails can add charm to women, to promote nail growth of yogurt containing protein, drink a bottle of yogurt a day of good. Eat nuts and peanuts can help prevent nail breakage, walnuts and peanuts are rich in auxins make nails stronger, so that women will have a pair of bright colorful Yu Zhi.

  Beauty Jishi

Do not consume too much refined carbohydrates. French fries make a long face, "Bean", but not in the root causes of grease, but the potatoes. According to the latest studies have found that if the diet mainly of protein, fruits and vegetables, composition, free or a small amount of carbohydrate - such as bread, potatoes and sweets and so on, then face long "Bean" and fewer chances than others . Because these carbohydrates will greatly enhance the body's insulin levels, and cause a series of reactions, until the emergence of "Bean."

The appropriate number of coarse grains to eat foods such as whole wheat bread, millet, etc., because these foods require more time to digest them, so it will not damage the skin of the insulin surge.

Eat high-fat fish food is a rich source of fatty acids in the body, these fatty acids can inhibit the body's inflammation, reduce skin inflammation and acne from. High fatty acid content of fish are: salmon, mackerel, and blue and white fish and tuna. Almonds, hazelnuts, and flaxseed also contains a lot of fatty acids.

Rosy, can lead people to look more charming attractive, but flushing of the face have a problem. Therefore, to refuse to make your blood vessels expansion of food and beverages, including various spices, pickled foods, monosodium glutamate and wine.

In short, if you want to have a clean and beautiful face, it is necessary to conduct scientific diet

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