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18 you most want to know the idea of men

Say that most women's idea of normal, in fact, there are many men's idea, following 18 men you most want to know the idea.

With regard to a man in the street to seeBeauty

Each men like beautiful women, regardless of his mouth admit it or not, men love to watch beautiful women, even though he knew the woman did not favor his own, but the man would give beauty a little preferential treatment (more beautiful than the ugly 11% of the wages ). Can not say that a man Fan Jian, the human nature is the beauty of both men and women Do not be concerned about your boyfriend on the street to look at two women, who are not colored hearts had enjoyed, it had enjoyed most in prison. If you really give him a naked beauty threw his hold, he must have felt nervous. Men's passion for beauty will always be weakened over time, decreased growth rate will definitely exceed the time.

The other man's grass is always greener is a major shortcoming in today's society, the more money the more a man can do little nose clean, or so many clubs rely on the maintenance of it all? Whether you are beautiful, I think you really want a long-standing feelings of sincere, then learn to open eyes one eye closed one eye, as long as his heart and you, will not affect you for a beautiful among feelings, as long as you do not Toumiao of the two for his turn against him, and his visual stimulation that point the utility will not be longer than one ice cream. Intelligent woman so spur boyfriend, take the initiative to connect to a beauty question pointing to her boyfriend: She is not beautiful? (Do not ask, do not she beautiful than me? Remember!!) Correction of the set of better than Jun Ji-hyun.

With regard to the requirements of body of men to women

Body of men to the requirements of his girlfriend by no means the majority of women believed. In fact, no man really wants to own a woman has 90,60,89 figure, if God spared by which women's body, Deputy devil, that she was likely to run into a good man really is very low. The reason is simple, men only feel like a woman, but on the street used to Aiming two, and do not need to really go home to marry. Which woman feel if the last Circuit already had C also felt that small, need to be big, she must be happy to self-destruct. Have to admit that men have a common dark psychology: General expressed the hope of a woman good enough measurements to sub-passionate encounter, and then the negative irresponsible would not have taken into account. Women pay attention to what men do occasionally provocative, even though he pointed toJordanFat chest to stimulate you, you will turn a blind eye, keep our noses to him, he would like one, and it will be Minato hundred percent over arm around you say a bunch of sweet talk. Man's true reflections: even if Playboy photo shoot no matter how good, with a total to be better than their own touch!

With regard to the issue of men to accompany women shopping

For men, shopping is not offensive, who do not need to buy something? A fitted suit, a pair of high-level men's shoes, or a good watch all male citizens in the workplace must. I thought Jiubu Xin Which man did not own the street to go buy something! !

The key is man's habits are straight theme, they will not think I want to buy a stay on even one second of time. Man's thinking is: If they do not buy it, why look? ! A woman happens different, they feel that the reasons for shopping too much:

1, pass the time; 2, get some fresh air; 3, know where the discount can become the talk of afternoon tea; 4, the new shopping malls, do not go've spent; 5, change to the weight loss; 6, did not know what to do good; 7, pull domestic demand; 8, I think that young lady taken a dislike to shop, try it a few dozen pieces just do not buy ... ... Finally, I always seemed to be something missing. God gives us a different gender, but also given us a different understanding of life.

When a woman pulling a man desperately stroll, when thinking about such a man a few basic things:

1, when she was able to stroll good? 2, she in the end with something? 3, how much money I have left? 4, do I need to bugger? 5, that dress well! (SeeSexyInstallation time). 6, a woman! ! ! Really can not stand. 7, hurry to buy bar! ! 8, I love her, I must insist!

Patient point of fact, more mature men, or men who would carry on, although the heart bad mood. They complained to visiting the pick is in fact a waste of time, is not the woman themselves, or shopping themselves. A dress decent, graceful another man's girlfriend is a luxury, normal men like a lot. Women need to understand that regardless of your shopping with his luggage in order to more workers, or mobile ATM, must pay attention to propriety. Let a man good to accompany you shopping to remember three points: one, do not he was too tired or too poor to Gaode; 2, also ask him out the door to buy something; 3, use your wisdom, as far as possible you need to to buy in the middle, he needs to buy in the beginning and end.

With regard to the views of the wisdom of men to women

I'm sworn to the day, 99% of men want their women than their own stupid (in addition to doing household chores in this regard). That why they would think like this? The main reason is that sense of security, women's wisdom in the man's eyes a sharp knife. Men want to accompany her side was a perfectly safe, rather than a person in possession of a knife, even with a knife who loved him very much. However, the concept of the knives they come from? A man making. Thousands of years of secular thought, coupled with the human habit of self-deception, so that men feel a woman's intelligence is a threat. Men make their own sets of shackles women to assume this is not fair, but change their perception is not an overnight thing. This is a man's a criticism, a female friend in this context to adopt a strategy of retreat - you want to hide your sharp knife. A man accustomed to underestimate the intelligence of women has long been a popular habit, so cleverly disguised their wisdom is not difficult. Men are given the sense of security he needs, and you can become a real driving force behind. You do not matter gave him an idea you have to do is, in his Meizhe, gave him a proposal, or to help him make up a small loophole. After such a Zhefan understand you even if he has possession of weapons, will be relieved to accept, and do not naturally go along what you mean. Man's true reflections: You can smarter than me, but you have to play the fool every day!

With regard to the attitude of men to household chores

The attitude of men to household chores is always the same: That all is a woman thing. In the men look like home to two things, washing, andCooking, In fact, he said by no means so simple. Occasionally, a change in his line of light bulbs also allow him to do other things, he must shake his head into a rattle. If a successful career if a man know how to roast carp will be scared to Heaven! However, if a female master's degree will not do sweet and sour spareribs, then she will be seen as a very useless person! To abandon a portion of men doing housework duties, did not really realize that female compatriots to make sacrifices in this regard, this is the real contradiction between men and women. You let one person in the company's labor Leiliaoyitian at home but also when the free part-time and changed everyone is not so reluctant. He (she) needs is a good dinner and comfortable hot water bath, and then got into the warm embrace of a loved one quilt. When the reality is, there is always a person to do when a man will be very determined to find reasons to refuse or to escape. Today's society to do more housework men do not do housework for women is also increasing. The most direct reason is that the economic status of women at home in the higher secondary reason is that "supply and demand relationship," male to female ratio of 118:100. When a man had to do it, his heart is complex, women should be given sufficient guidance and encouragement, they can put him as a child, can be coaxed. (Female traditional tactics 2: Ruzikejiao!) Another: Let a man doing housework is a goodly portion of luck to do, it is recommended a woman in this regard in order to open points, can not let the psychological impact of an imbalance of two people's feelings, after all, a man are still willing to make concessions in other areas and compensation, how the talks should be vary.

With regard to how men treat women "as"

"Today's woman really be!" Almost everyone I know the men complained to me before, to apply an old tune: No I do not understand that this world is changing fast! When the traditional older generation is now a woman's right "as" Look do not understand, our generation is adapted at an alarming rate, it was a special book written called "for women." I did not read the book I do not know whether it is written third Such is Life, but I sincerely admire the Chinese languageAllure, A word does not know how much you want to include a profound significance! Men correspond to an "evil" heart put a knife, word Qian-jun,RetirementMaybe after I write this book called "forbearance man." You may call me: do not say a woman beat around the bush as well Well! Ran also! ! Definitely not! ! Men hate women to make, very, very, very annoying, because men never considered "for" is also a kind of mood. The idea of a woman would be complex and many, they are "for" thousands of reasons there is no reason coupled with a reason, man is absolutely defenseless, but come. When the woman to "make" as the two get along when they swap products, the reason that there is no reason, "as" like a smoke grenade on - time will ring! Simply put, men hate "for" and hate shopping with a similar reason: annoying! Woman "as" can be used as a touchstone for men's feelings, but do not forget that the touchstone is not a grindstone, do not need to wear every day, month and grinding. On a reasonable premise, for some time lag, the occasional to the last time there will never be the men do not accommodate you! To make a man feel that this is another taste, not suffer, because no one wants to suffer. (A man's true reflections: Whether you why "to" start with the good "as" can be! But you can not eat when the dimension-ting!!)

With regard to the requirements of a man on the other half of

No matter what kind of man, their hearts have dreamed of what the other half is like. With the increase in age and experience, his description of the other half will be more detailed and boxed things will be more and more. In fact, this is a man to own another set of shackles, and they think that these are very important, often overlooked until the feelings of their own most important. What stands, ah, ah education, family background, ah, ah appearance will be the development of emotional obstacles. As far as I know the men in higher-income circles, the "pick one" mentality is very serious, men just another woman as his own luxury, they are just in the competition, and compete to see who's girlfriend body better, who's girlfriend more docile, so that fewer and fewer good man. Does not seem to find a nice was not all success, few people know why wise to find an ugly wife. And more men is just an ordinary person, to be honest they dream of the opposite sex variety, but they will not really find fault with each other. They pay more attention to women's innate gentleness and kindness, good wife and mother is the highest requirements. As the present imbalance between supply and demand, female worth bullish in the face when the inevitable Zhongxinggongyue a bit smug, a slip is likely to miss that the most suitable for themselves. Many people have told me that he did not pick anything, so the only two people Enenaiai, happily. I do not know what it feels like to hear this woman feel happy, or feel that this man so unpromising? I am not a woman, I can only tell you to use the minds of men: In fact, I Mosha asked.

With regard to the face of a man who truly loved the idea of an old lover's heart when

Men lose a lover, just as he lost a property, love more deeply, the loss to the more heavy. Her pain will always accompany him, although as time goes by gradually faded away, it was like the same indelible scars on the body. A heavier more people feeling a sense of responsibility, regardless of whether he is really for you, at least he is good man into this category. Usually the men in the re-start after a period of a new feeling of discontent with his predecessor will soon forget. Chance reunion after parting, he gave you is a simple smile, a cup of hot tea or a soon as polite greetings. He may have been dedicated to want to know his feelings for you is true, you can truthfully tell him, as do others, like to talk about understatement, in fact, they really want to hear is: you he is serious. Lover from the past, where the men want more recognition, which they are very important, because men think that this is more objective and more realistic assessment. Change a situation, he has not start a new emotional journey, his heart agitated and contradictory, I suggest you avoid him. At this point, he as the wounded beast, it is easy to get irrational, it may hurt you or himself, do not give him that opportunity and reason, even if he deliberately provoke you, do not respond, or let time slowly polished His fangs bar. No matter what kind of person who does not want to accept the fact that a total need some time. A friend told me that she had a friend do it very directly and personally to find a more appropriate character of the man's girlfriend, and secretly bring them together. Dull atmosphere, conciliatory attitude is only heavy weight, going to the extreme, after all, very few, not have to separate the allies and enemies of the past month. If all the men really have excesses, and afterwards he was bound to regret, because he understands that he has done is meaningless.

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