Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tao Mishui the 11 Magical

PeopleCookingOften will Taomi Shui drained that it is no use, in fact, in everyday life, Taomi Shui can play a "multi-role" a natural detergent.

1. Taomi Shui wash their hands with, not only cleansing, but also make the skinMoistureSmooth.

2. Taomi Shui scrub dishes with not only strong detergency, but also does not contain chemical substances, is better than detergent.

3. The new casserole in use before brushing with the Tao Mishui several times, and then loaded onto rice soup on the fire burned half an hour. After this treatment, the casserole will not leak.

4. Chopping board with a long time, will generates a stream of stench smell. Taomi Shui can be immersed into a period of time, then salt scrub, stench smell will be eliminated.

5. Kitchen knives, spatula, Tieshao other iron cookware, immersed in the Tao Mishui relatively thick, you can prevent rust. If you have rust, can first soaked in water for several hours, so easy to wipe stain.

6. With the smell of the dish, put salt in Taomi Shui in the scrub, and then rinsing with clean water, smell can be removed.

4. From the market, bought the meat, sometimes stained with dust, washed with tap water is difficult, if washed with hot Taomi Shui twice, dirt is easy to remove.

9. Newly painted good furniture, there was a unpleasant You Qiwei, with a soft cloth dipped in Taomi Shui repeated cleaning can get rid of You Qiwei.

10. Taomi Shui white clothes soaked 10 minutes, then wash with soap can make a new white dress.

11. Towel, if coated with a waterJuice, Perspiration, etc., there will be odor, and hardens. Tao Mishui of it soaked in boiling 10 minutes, it will become white and soft.

  ExpertComments: m surface contains potassium, through the experiments show that the first 12 Taomi Shui will show PH value of 5.5 or so weak acid, washed twice before, PH value of around 7.2 or so, this was a weak alkaline Tao Mishui very suitable for cleaning items, can replace the soapy water wash sebum, but in comparison with the general industrial detergent, and its cleaning power of moderate texture, mild and no side effects.

Tao Mishui a heated, theCleaningMore capable. This is a qualitative change because of its starch, whereas starch has good hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity, can be easily adsorbed grease.

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